Honda Elevate SUV engineer shares design, interior, driving experience [Video]

The highly anticipated Honda Elevate made its debut in the Indian market earlier this year. However, Honda has not yet announced the prices for the new car. Prior to the official price announcement, Munetsugu Kaneko, the Large Project Leader for Honda Elevate, has shared his insights on the new SUV.

Kaneko explains that the concept behind the Honda Elevate originated during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Elevate, designed as an urban freestyler, aims to provide people with greater freedom. Honda targeted drivers who possess a daring, experimental, and free-spirited lifestyle.

The Honda Elevate boasts an SUV stance, catering to the preference of many young drivers who seek a vehicle with a strong road presence. Its design is modern and clean, with sculpted lines contributing to its muscular styling. The front fascia is bold and imposing, featuring an impactful grille that exudes a sense of power. The elevated beltline enhances the vehicle’s solid and robust appearance.

Honda Elevate SUV engineer shares design, interior, driving experience [Video]

According to Honda, the interior of the Elevate offers a unique and comfortable space that sets it apart from other SUVs in its segment. The cabin provides ample legroom, knee room, and headroom. The plush interior is crafted with rich, premium materials, enhancing the overall experience.

The Honda Elevate offers a combination of enjoyable driving dynamics and comfort. Its powertrain, steering, suspension, brakes, and transmission are meticulously tuned for optimal performance. The vehicle also boasts the best-in-class turning radius and high ground clearance. Despite the elevated ground clearance, the car remains true to Honda’s signature driving pleasure.

Honda Elevate to launch next month

Honda has set a specific timeline for the price announcement. Honda Car India is set to officially unveil the price of the new Elevate in September, specifically during the first week of the month. Beneath the hood, the Honda Elevate is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine, available exclusively with either a 6-speed manual or a CVT gearbox. This well-engineered gasoline powerplant delivers an impressive 119bhp and 145Nm of peak torque. In terms of fuel efficiency, the ARAI-certified mileage is rated at 15.31kmpl with the manual transmission and 16.92kmpl with the automatic option.

Catering to the preferences of modern-day customers, the Honda Elevate is outfitted with a range of appealing features. These encompass a single-pane sunroof, a wireless charger for added convenience, a Lanewatch camera to enhance safety, and a Level-2 ADAS suite of safety features that offer advanced driver assistance.

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