Honda Elevate SUV waiting period stands at 4 months even before official launch

Ahead of the official launch of the all-new Elevate SUV in the Indian car market, Honda has revealed some intriguing details that will undoubtedly increase the SUV’s desirability. Prospective buyers of the compact and midsize segments who are considering purchasing the new Honda Elevate should be prepared for waiting periods of more than four months. The overwhelming acceptance by buyers has led to a current waiting period of approximately 16-18 weeks for the Elevate, even before its official launch in India. The SUV is scheduled to hit the market in September, and Honda plans to announce its prices ahead of the festive season.

Honda Elevate SUV waiting period stands at 4 months even before official launch

A noteworthy detail shared by Honda pertains to the bookings collected for the Elevate up until now. Around 40% of the bookings for the Elevate SUV are from existing Honda owners, who are eager to add the new Elevate to their collection as an additional car or as a replacement for their current vehicle. The bookings for the Elevate commenced after its unveiling in India on June 6th, and customers were required to pay a token amount of Rs 25,000.

A completely new design

Boasting a completely new design both inside and out, the new Honda Elevate incorporates a range of modern design elements. Its exterior features all-LED headlamps, tail lamps, and fog lamps, 17-inch machined alloy wheels, robust-looking faux skid plates, and roof rails. The interior of the Honda Elevate is also well-equipped with features like a sunroof, wireless charger, 7-inch TFT screen in the instrument console, automatic climate control, and a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Safety is prioritized with six airbags, a lanewatch camera, and Level-2 ADAS.

The Honda Elevate shares its platform and powertrain options with the City sedan. It will be offered exclusively with a 1.5-litre four-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine, available in both 6-speed manual and CVT gearbox options. The engine delivers 121 PS of maximum power and 145 Nm of maximum torque, with claimed fuel efficiency figures of 15.31 kmpl for the manual variant and 16.92 kmpl for the CVT variant.

Previously, Honda had disclosed its intentions to launch the new Elevate in the Indian market during the festive season. Now, the brand has provided a more concrete timeline for the price announcement. Honda Car India is set to officially reveal the price of the new Elevate in September, specifically in the first week of the month. Additionally, the official ARAI figures for the Elevate’s performance have also been unveiled recently.

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