Honda Jazz - Four Reasons On Why It's The Most Flexible Hatchback In India

Honda Jazz – Four Reasons On Why It’s The Most Flexible Hatchback In India

Snapshot – On the 8th of July 2015, the Honda Jazz will make a comeback into the Indian car market, more than two years after its previous iteration was discontinued. The 2015 Jazz is an all-new car, with new engine and transmission options, a new design and plenty of smart bits. The new Honda car will take on the likes of the Hyundai i20 Elite and the upcoming Maruti Suzuki iK-2/YRA hatchbacks. We’ve just driven the petrol and diesel iterations of the new Jazz at Goa, and what really impressed us was the sheer flexibility this car offers. Today, we’ll fill you in with four reasons on why the Jazz is the most flexible hatchback in its segment. 

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It’s all about the Magic Seats

Honda Jazz  magic seats refresh mode

The new Honda Jazz has Magic Seats, which means that it offers business-class airline luxury for a rear seat passenger. The Magic Seats make this hatchback extremely versatile. The rear seats can be folded in four different configurations. One such combination uses the front and rear passenger seats to form a recliner for the left rear passenger. The Jazz is also the only car in its segment with a recline feature for the rear seat, another feature buyers will find handy on longer trips.

Fuel Efficiency? Check!

Honda Jazz  instrument panel

The diesel powered Jazz is one of the most fuel efficient premium hatchback in the country, second only to the Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel. The car’s 1.5 liter i-DTEC all aluminium diesel motor, known for its fuel efficiency, manages 27.2 Kmpl on the ARAI test cycle. However, unlike the Celerio Diesel, which offers just 125 Nm of torque, the motor on the Jazz delivers plenty of twist, with 200 Nm on tap. The car is much more entertaning to drive than the Celerio, and for the B+ segment hatchback buyer who expects some excitement, the Jazz is a win-win machine.

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Your search for a super spacious hatchback ends here

Honda Jazz  magic seats tall mode

With the rear seats folded down, the Jazz offers 811 liters of luggage space. This, in combination with its compact sedan beating wheelbase of 2,530 mm means that you can even carry your kitchen sink in this car. Even without the 60:40 rear seats folded down, the Jazz’s boot space is segment leading, at 354 liters. The long wheelbase of the car also means that the leg room for the rear passengers is ample, making the Jazz a very comfortable car even for longer distances.

The Jazz’s Petrol Automatic is an ultra smooth operator

Honda Jazz CVT

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Honda’s petrol engines are famed for their smoothness and the Jazz’s 1.2 liter-4 cylinder i-VTEC motor with 87 Bhp-110 on tap is no different. Also, CVT automatics are known to be the smoothest gearboxes among automatics. On the Jazz, the 1.2 liter petrol engine is combined with the CVT automatic gearbox to make for a very smooth driving car. If you want a petrol hatchback that just glides across city streets, with almost turbine like seamless power delivery, the Jazz CVT is what you need to bring home. The CVT automatic on the Jazz also has 7 stepped ratios for those who want to shift gears themselves through the paddle shifters placed behind the steering wheel.