Honda Jazz owner in Hyderabad fined Rs. 1.82 lakhs in a single year for 'overspeeding'

Honda Jazz owner in Hyderabad fined Rs. 1.82 lakhs in a single year for ‘overspeeding’

How many times do you break the law in a single year? Well, a Honda Jazz owner from Hyderabad has just gained notoriety by ‘overspeeding’ 127 times in a single year. The ‘overspeeding’ offences allegedly have happened on the outer ring road in Hyderabad, a stretch notorious for accidents caused due to speeding.

In India, speeding and overspeeding are terms used interchangeably for vehicles that exceed legal speed limits. The Honda Jazz bearing registration number TS09ER2957 was found overspeeding 127 times between April 4, 2017 to March 10, 2018.

The penalty for each offence is Rs. 1,435. The total fine amount for this single car now stands at Rs. 1.82 lakhs. It remains unknown if the Jazz owners has paid the massive fine to the Telangana police. We’re not sure if he or she has considering the fact that the offences just don’t seem to be stopping.

The 8 lane Hyderabad outer ring road initially had a speed limit of 120 Kmph, which was reduced to 100 Kmph after a spate of accidents. Notably, cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin’s son died in a superbike crash on the same road a few years back. The accident was attributed to speeding.

In the Honda Jazz owner’s case, his car has been clocked at a maximum speed of 163 Kmph on the Hyderabad outer ring road. Such high speeds are not advisable anywhere in India let alone Hyderabad. The city gets very hot during the summers and the chances of a high speed tyre blowout is very high. However, the Jazz owner may have escaped a tyre burst because of driving at high speeds in short bursts. This minimizes the chances of tyre bursts but still, the danger of speeding remains as there are multiple other things that can go wrong. From other slow moving traffic to even pedestrians, a fast vehicle has many dangers to deal with on Indian roads. So, it’s best to obey the speed limit.

Via Team-BHP