Honda officially discontinues Mobilio

Honda has officially discontinued their first MPV in the Indian market. The Mobilio, which was launched three years to take on the rivals like Ertiga has failed to attract the buyers. In the past few months, Honda did not sell a single unit of the vehicle in the market. The Japanese carmaker has finally pulled the plug and has taken the car off sale from the showrooms and the Honda website.

Honda officially discontinues Mobilio

Even though the updated Mobilio has been unveiled in the international market, Honda may not bring the car to India. The Mobilio was launched in 2014 and it was Honda’s first MPV in India. The car was built on Brio platform and there were many “cost cutting initiatives” that made the customers stay away from the Mobilio.

Mobilio shared the dashboard with the much cheaper Brio while the doors were a copy of the Amaze. The MPV never found buyers in India due to such initiatives from Honda. Honda later launched the B-RV, which came at a similar price tag and was built on the same platform. The B-RV looks robust and much different from the Mobilio. It was the final nail in the Mobilio’s coffin.

In the future, Honda plans to launch new products like the H-RV, new C-RV with a diesel engine and the new Civic too. Currently, Honda’s WR-V, Amaze, Jazz and the new City has been getting numbers for Honda in the market. Honda also launched the Accord Hybrid in the market. The expensive price tag on the Accord did not attract many customers till now.

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