Honda recalls 2nd generation City for faulty power window switch

Honda India has installed a recall to fix a faulty power window switch in its previous generation (2nd generation) Honda City. This recall affects cars that were made between 2007 and 2008. A total of 42,672 cars are a part of this recall.

Honda says that the power window switch panel on the driver’s door is likely to malfunction if some water gets into the door beading and reaches the switch. So far there have been no reported cases of this happening, but Honda’s long-term tests show that there is a likelihood of this switch malfunctioning and is hence issuing a recall, to change the switch assembly free of cost, across all its dealerships in India. Honda will be contacting owners of this model of Honda City, which fall in that batch, and will ask them to bring their cars into a service station for inspection and replacement of the power window switch. Also read: 2007 Honda City recall in India

This recall is part of a “global exercise by Honda to ensure stringent quality standards for its products”. The new model Honda City (current generation) won’t be affected by this recall. Honda has already had a similar recall on the City for faulty power window switches two years ago as well. Read: Honda recalls 72,115 units of City to replace faulty power window switches

What we think

While this recall is a good call on Honda’s part in maintaining quality standards, issuing a recall on a car that has been discontinued and replaced with a later model reeks of being a very clever marketing ploy. By getting older Honda City customers, who have probably fallen out of the Honda authorized service centre routine, back into the service centres, Honda has an opportunity to upsell other services to them as well. Also many of these customers are likely to be at a point where perhaps they are considering replacing their cars with a new one. This would be a good opportunity in Honda’s view to be able to replenish a customer’s faith in the brand and possibly to get them to upgrade to a new Honda City!  Also read: Honda recalls City to fix faulty engine part 

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