Honda to launch 6 new SUVs: Details revealed

After keeping a low profile in the Indian car market for several months, Honda has now revealed its long-term commitment to India by unveiling its product strategy until 2030. As part of this strategy, Honda announced its plans to launch five all-new SUVs in India by 2030, with the first one being the recently unveiled Honda Elevate midsize SUV. The Elevate is expected to hit the market before the start of the festive season in August-September 2023.

Honda to launch 6 new SUVs: Details revealed

In addition, Honda confirmed that it will introduce an all-electric version of the Elevate, which is scheduled to be launched in the Indian market within the next three years. It is anticipated that the all-electric SUV based on the Elevate will be available in the first half of 2026, making it the second SUV in Honda’s planned lineup of five SUVs for India.

Honda had already announced its intention to introduce one new model each year starting from 2023, with the Elevate being the first in line. Over the next two years, Honda is expected to launch two more all-new SUVs from its global product portfolio. The company is reportedly considering the options of completely knocked-down (CKD) and completely built-up (CBU) routes for these upcoming SUVs. Given Honda’s established presence in the Indian car market, it is speculated that one of these two SUVs could be the recently launched all-new Honda CR-V, which has a strong reputation in India.

Details remains unknown

While details about the remaining SUVs planned by Honda for India are currently unknown, it is anticipated that they will be priced below Rs 50 lakh, aligning with Honda’s brand positioning in the country. Honda has already closed down its Greater Noida plant, and its manufacturing facility in Tapukara, Rajasthan is now its sole production plant in India. The Tapukara plant will handle the production of the all-new Elevate, along with the potential CKD assembly of future Honda products. To support its current and upcoming offerings, Honda has expanded the manufacturing capacity of the Tapukara plant from 540 vehicles per day to 660 vehicles in the first quarter of 2023.

Furthermore, Honda is revamping its showrooms across the country to ensure that its current and future products are well-received by Indian customers. The company has invested approximately Rs 260 crore in enhancing the customer interface of its 326 outlets spread across 238 cities in India.

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