Honda to reveal City Hybrid on 14th April: Details

Honda will be revealing the City Hybrid on the 14th of April for the Indian market. It was originally slated to launch in 2021 but the launch had to be postponed because of the coronavirus lockdown. As of now, the prices of the City Hybrid are not known but it could start from somewhere around Rs. 18-20 lakhs ex-showroom.

Honda to reveal City Hybrid on 14th April: Details

Engine and gearbox

The City Hybrid will be the first sedan in the segment to get a hybrid powertrain. It would come with a 1.5-litre, four-cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine and two electric motors. The engine produces 98 hp of max power and 127 Nm of peak torque.

Honda to reveal City Hybrid on 14th April: Details

Then there are the electric motors, the first motor has been integrated with the engine and it acts as an integrated starter-generator (ISG). The second motor drives the front wheels using a single, fixed-ratio gearbox. It produces 109 hp of max power. The total torque output from the engine and electric motor is rated at 253 Nm. It is important to note that you cannot simply add the power outputs of the engine and the electric motor.

The transmission on duty will be an e-CVT that would drive the front wheels only. Honda would not offer a manual gearbox with the City Hybrid. The additional power and torque from the electric motor have helped in reducing the 0-100 kmph acceleration time by a good half a second. We are expecting that there would be at least three driving modes on offer. There would be a pure EV mode in which the vehicle would run on electric power alone. Then there would be a Hybrid where the computer will decide whether the sedan should use the engine, electric motor or both. Finally, there would be a mode in which only the engine power will be used.

Honda to reveal City Hybrid on 14th April: Details

Fuel efficiency increased

Because of the hybrid system, the City Hybrid’s fuel efficiency would be more than the regular City that is currently on sale. Honda has already launched the City Hybrid in countries like Thailand and Malaysia where they are claiming a fuel efficiency of 27.5 kmpl. However, in real life, the fuel efficiency should be around 17 kmpl. If you compare, the City CVT claims a fuel efficiency figure of 18.4 kmpl whereas in real life it delivers close to 12 kmpl.

Boot space takes a hit

Honda to reveal City Hybrid on 14th April: Details

The hybrid system relies on batteries and electric motors. Honda had to place the additional batteries inside the boot space. Because of this, the boot space has been reduced from 506 litres to 410 litres.

City Hybrid to come with Honda Sensing

Honda will offer the City Hybrid with their Honda Sensing Tech. It is basically a suite of safety features such as adaptive cruise control, auto high beam assist,  front collision warning, lane departure warning, lane keep assisting and automatic emergency braking.

Design updates

Honda to reveal City Hybrid on 14th April: Details

Honda will redesign the bumpers for the City Hybrid. They will look sportier and more aggressive than the current City. There would be gloss black on the front grille and outside rearview mirrors. The cabin will also be finished in a black theme.