Honda U-Go electric scooter patented in India

It seems like more and more two-wheeler and four-wheeler manufacturers are visiting the patent office of India as every other day a new report of a new name being trademarked jumps in front of us. The most recent one of these reports that have now surfaced on the interwebs is the Japanese two-wheeler maker Honda applying for the patent for the name of its electric scooter called the U-Go. As of now, there has been no confirmation that Honda will be launching this vehicle in India or not but it seems like it is a high time for Honda to jump on the electric scooter bandwagon in the nation.

Honda U-Go electric scooter patented in India

Currently, Honda U-Go is an electric scooter that is available in the Chinese market and offers adequate features and performance. The scooter in China is powered by a BLDC motor that comes in two sizes: 1200 watts and 800 watts. It is also powered by a replaceable 30Ah lithium-ion battery with a range of 75 kilometres on a single charge. Honda’s dual-battery pack also provides an additional range of 130km. As or the top speed of the U-Git gets a respectable top speed of 53kmph.

Meanwhile, in terms of design, the Honda U-Go is a small electric scooter which looks similar to the Aether 450X and is geared toward urban consumers looking for a short intra-city trip and small daily commutes. Dimensionally, the front of the e-scooter is 1790mm long and 690mm wide and it weighs in around 83 kg. The design, like the name suggests, wraps around the body, with simplistic graphics on the body panels. The apron holds the headlight cluster, which has an inverted ‘U’ shaped DRL, while the handlebar is flanked by a set of LED turn indicators. The rear receives wraparound tail lights that are simple in style but contain current LED features.

Furthermore, for its feature list, The Honda U-Go in China comes outfitted with triple beam LED headlights, LED turn indicators, floating LED tail lamps, an inverted LCD multi-information display, a USB charging port, and other features. The scooter also gets a 12-inch front wheel with telescopic suspension and a disc brake setup, as well as a 10-inch rear wheel with a drum brake setup.

In other Honda scooter news, a Benly e-electric scooter from the company with a test registration number was recently spotted in the flesh with a green licence plate number. The Benly e is a commercial electric scooter which is aimed at delivery businesses. The scooter is designed to carry as much cargo as possible safely and also offers swappable battery technology that ensures almost zero downtime.

Honda U-Go electric scooter patented in India

Last year, the Benly e-scooter was sighted testing at the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). The scooter can carry a load of up to 60 kg. It also has the option of attaching a basket to the front apron. The scooter is outfitted with an LED light, a charging port, and a digital instrument cluster. In foreign countries, the electric scooter is offered with a variety of battery packs and choices. The base model comes with a 2.8 kW electric motor, while the more powerful models come with a 4.2 kW electric motor. All models include two swappable 48V batteries.