Honda Unicorn extreme burnout by lady biker at 12,000 feet: A record?

Stunting in India is not as popular as it is in many other developed countries. An Indian biker named Shilpa has attempted a stunt to create a world record. The attempt was made in Leh, Ladakh, JK, and here is all you want to know about it.

Suicide Burnout at 12,000 feet

Even though regular burnouts can be dangerous if not handled well, suicide burnouts can be extremely hazardous. The world-record attempt was performed under the supervision of an experience stunt rider who was present at the spot and was carried out by Shilpa.

The record attempt was performed on a Honda Unicorn. The lady biker first attempted a practice session and then attempted the whole thing with real fire. In suicide burnouts, the rider stands in front of the bike, which makes controlling the motorcycle a bit more challenging. In many cases, the fire is caused by the high friction between the tyre and the road, but in this case, the fire was created by spraying fuel on the rear wheel on the Unicorn and using a lighter.

It becomes quite difficult to maintain the pressure on the front brake while standing in the front of it. Shilpa can be seen struggling to hold the bike in place in the first two attempts and even fell on the ground. However, in the third attempt the burnout lasted for quite some time and according to her, the attempt will be sent to the record-keeping companies for an official entry. This is yet to be announced as an official record as the record keepers verify various things before awarding a record.

While this may look exciting, the stunt is quite dangerous. Taking precautions like wearing safety gear is extremely important. Also, a fire extinguisher is extremely important while performing a stunt, especially if it involves a naked flame of fire. If attempting any such records, one should be at a place where it is safe and the fire has a low chance of spreading.

Shantonil Nag

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