A huge python curled up on a Honda Unicorn is stuff that nightmares are made of [Video]

Honda Unicorn Python Featured

Cold-blooded reptiles seeking home inside warm places like car engine bays and motorcycles have become quite common affaire. However, this is something unusual that you will watch. A video shows a huge python snake curled up in the rear tyre of the Honda Unicorn motorcycle.

The video shows that the snake has coiled itself around the tyre of the bike. People present at the spot even start the motorcycle so that the snake leaves the spot but it is adamant enough to stay right where it is. The video shows several people trying to get the snake out of the bike.

Reptiles, especially snakes are cold-blooded and often seeks warm places to rest and keep their body temperatures regulated. Vehicles provide enough warmth for the reptiles and also attract the creatures. The video shows the snake curled up on the tyre feeling the warmth. The exact size of the snake is not known, it seems to be more than 7-8 feet long.

A huge python curled up on a Honda Unicorn is stuff that nightmares are made of [Video]

In many cases, the snakes enter the engine cabin of the vehicles and stay there for long periods. In many incidents, snakes have come out of the bonnet while the vehicle is in motion. While such incidents are not very common around the big cities due to the lack of a natural environment for such animals, in suburban areas and villages, such things keep on happening. The cities simply do not have any natural habitat to support such animals.

Such incidents rise quite a lot during the rainy season when the snakes come out due to waterlogging and try to find higher places. Even rat infestation can rise during the rainy season, which is why one should always be extra careful during the monsoons.

What to do in such situations?

Watching a reptile on your vehicle can be shocking and maybe even creepy for many but one should never panic. The animals are almost always harmless until provoked and if you try to get them out of your vehicle by yourself, they might not hold back. The best solution is to wait and call the professional who can deal with such reptiles.

  • Always call a specialist who has handled such situations in the past. Never try to manhandle the snake or any other animal by yourself.
  • Never park the vehicle near tall bushes. The snakes can use the bushes to climb inside the vehicle easily.
  • Always do a quick check of the engine bay if snakes are common in your area. This will help you avoid any surprises while you’re driving.
  • Always slow down the vehicle if you spot a snake while driving and park it on the side of the road without panic. Most of the snakes are not poisonous in nature.