Honda WR-V compact SUV BEATS the City sedan

The Honda WR-V has done it again. The sub-4 meter compact SUV has outsold the City sedan in November 2017. Honda sold 3,521 units of the WR-V in November while only managing 3,315 units of the City. This is the second time that the WR-V has outsold the City this year.

Honda WR-V compact SUV BEATS the City sedan


Even in June, the compact SUV outsold Honda’s long standing best seller. But back then the lead was only 40 units. Now, it’s widened to over 200 units. It is still early to call it a trend but the WR-V doing well despite new compact SUVs in the market is something encouraging for Honda.

The WR-V sits lower than the City if prices are taken into consideration. The ex-showroom pricing of the WR-V lies between Rs. 7.67 lakhs to Rs. 9.92 lakhs. And only 4 variants of the SUV, two in petrol (with the 1.2 liter iVTEC engine) and two in diesel (with the 1.5 iDTEC engine) are on offer.

Honda WR-V compact SUV BEATS the City sedan

The City is much more expensive, with prices between Rs. 8.58 lakhs and 13.62 lakhs. There are 11 variants of the City on sale in petrol (1.5 iVTEC) and diesel (1.5 iDTEC) options, and the car is also offered with a petrol-automatic variant that is quite popular.

The main reasons why the WR-V may be succeeding for Honda may be attributed to its suitability to Indian conditions. Since it’s a compact SUV, parking is easy. It also has enough ground clearance to tackle Indian roads. In terms of looks, it has more street presence than the City.

Since it has the Honda badge, resale value is also good. All these factors may be working in favour of this vehicle. Coming to the City, the car has enjoyed good sales for the last 3 years but is now under big pressure from cars like the newly launched Hyundai Verna and the well-priced Maruti Ciaz.

Via BusinessWorld