Honda WR-V rival Figo Cross spotted testing in India

Ford India is working to give the Figo a mid-life update. Now, for the first time, the new Ford Figo has been caught testing in the country. From the heavily camouflaged test cars, it seems that Ford is testing a new version based on the Figo itself.

Honda WR-V rival Figo Cross spotted testing in India

Recently, Ford launched the ‘S’ variant of the Figo, which is the more sporty version of the vehicle. Now, Ford may launch a crossover version based on the Figo. The spy pictures reveal that the Figo gets prominent black cladding all around the vehicle. The car also gets sporty black painted twin-spoke alloy rims.

The test vehicle also gets new front and rear bumpers that look sturdier. The wheel arches also get the black plastic cladding. On the inside, the car will get an updated dashboard with a new touch-sensitive infotainment system.

Ford will debut the new Dragon series of petrol engines in India with the new EcoSport. Subsequently, the Figo and the Aspire will also get updated with the new engine line-up post the EcoSport launch in India.

Honda WR-V rival Figo Cross spotted testing in India

Interestingly, Ford already sells a crossover version of the Figo in the Brazilian market. Known as Ford Ka Trail, the car gets similar wheel arch cladding. Ford will take on the vehicles like Hyundai i20 Active, Honda WR-V, Volkswagen Cross Polo and Toyota Etios Cross in India with the new vehicle. Ford is expected to showcase the new vehicle at the Auto Expo 2018.

Honda WR-V rival Figo Cross spotted testing in India

Engine specifications will remain similar to the Ford Figo. The diesel engine will be the 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of 99 Bhp and peak torque of 215 Nm. Ford also offers 1.2-litre and 1.5-litre petrol engines with the Figo, but these engines will be replaced with the new Dragon series engines. The new vehicle is expected to be launched by mid-2018.

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