Honest traffic cop fines own son for riding motorcycle without helmet

It’s fairly well-known that traffic cops almost throughout the country have got stricter with enforcing usage of an ISI-marked helmet by all two-wheeler users. Unfortunately, however, there are many who are yet to start using a helmet. Many of these even avoid getting challaned by either bribing the traffic cop or by asking some relative/friend at a senior position in Police to help them avoid getting fined. Ram Mehar Singh, a traffic police head constable in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, however, has set a very good example by issuing a challan to his son.

Honest traffic cop fines own son for riding motorcycle without helmet
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Ram Mehar Singh issued a challan to his son as soon as the latter reached the Police Lines gate on his motorcycle. The youth was riding without a helmet and hence, the traffic cop slapped a Rs 100 fine on his son. Speaking on this incident. Traffic police inspector Tej Pratap Singh said, “Since SSP Babloo Kumar has instructed us to follow a zero-tolerance policy against those who violate traffic norms, we have been running drives in various parts of the city to ensure that residents do not break rules. Even government officials and policemen are not being spared. The idea is to send out a clear message that no one is above the law.”

“We hold a drive near mahila thana and outside Police Lines twice every week. Around 400 families of police officials reside here. On Wednesday, we issued 58 challans and collected Rs 10,800 in fine. Most of the violators were either policemen or their family members. When head constable Ram Mehar Singh spotted his son Harsh Kumar riding his bike without a helmet, he immediately asked the youth to stop and issued a challan to him,” the inspector added.

On being contacted by media, traffic police hand constable Ram Mehar Singh said, “I didn’t feel hesitant in acting against my son. The SSP has instructed us to ensure that all two-wheeler riders wear a helmet. How could I let my son go when I act tough with other violators? This would have set a wrong example.” The head constable even told his son to start wearing a helmet or else his two-wheeler can be seized in case of repetition of the offense.

News- TOI, Image – The Hindu