Hooligans get BUSTED for harassing family driving through flooded road [Video]

Seven hooligans in Kerala have been arrested for attacking a vehicle that was being driven across a flooded road. The hooligans were captured on the dashcam of the car when they stopped and harassed the family. The car was returning from a marriage ceremony in the Kottayam district of Kerala.

Here’s what happened

The video posted on Facebook shows a car wading through water-logged streets of Kerala. The vehicle was crossing the Pala – Ponkunnam road, near Kottayam. The video then shows several people playing on the water-logged streets stopping the vehicle and starting to abuse the driver. They even used their hands to splash water on the front windscreen of the vehicle and slapped on the bonnet multiple times. According to a report, they also damaged the vehicle, which may not have been captured in the camera. The occupants also reportedly opened one of the windows and the culprits poured water inside the vehicle.

Scared voices from inside the car could be heard in the footage and it seems that there were a few females present in the vehicle too. However, it is not known how many people were inside the vehicle at that time. After a minute or so, the group of hooligans let go of the vehicle and they leave the spot.

The police have arrested seven people who were captured in the video footage. The names and details of the culprits have not been released yet. The cops took action on the direction of the Kottayam Superintendent of Police (SP) after the video was uploaded on the social media site and became viral. The cops have also not revealed the sections under which the culprits were booked and detained.

Never get involved in road rage

There have been such incidents in the past too. It is not clear if the gang saw the dashboard camera and let go of the vehicle. However, the dashcam footage served as an important evidence to identify and arrest the hooligans. A dashboard camera is extremely helpful during accident cases too and helps in claiming the insurance quicker. It is always a good idea to install a dashboard camera in your vehicle.

Road rage is one of the most common incidents on Indian roads. There have been many incidents where the situation got out of control completely. If you ever get stuck in such a situation, ensure that you do not open the windows and do not talk back. Try to drive away from the place but if your vehicle is blocked, it is always a good idea to stay inside the vehicle and keep the doors locked. Even the windows should not be opened and if necessary, open the window only a little bit to talk to the people. Call the police if you cannot get away from the spot on your own.