Hot Modified Mahindra Boleros

The Mahindra Bolero is a fairly nondescript utility vehicle in its stock form. With so many on the road, as it is the highest selling utility vehicle around, not many would give a stock Mahindra Bolero a second look.

The simple, straight lines, built up on an aging platform – a platform which evolved from the World War II Jeep (CJ5), the Bolero has seen a fair degree of improvements over the years. Yet, there are those who are just not satisfied by this simple work horse.

When one gets behind the wheel of a Mahindra Bolero a kind of primal instinct surfaces, an instinct that would make many believe that they’re driving a vehicle that exudes machismo. Some owners have acted on that sentiment and custom built the Bolero to satisfy their fantasies. Not to be outdone, Mahindra itself offers a few customized Boleros through its customization department – Mahindra Customization. Here’s a look at some nifty Mahindra Bolero modifications we found on the Internet. Also see: Ideas to modify a Mahindra Scorpio  

 The Bolero Inspira

The Mahindra Bolero Inspira is a clean & clear no-nonsense Bolero mod if ever there was one. The Inspira is based on the Mahindra Bolero Invader. The doors have been removed and replaced with roll-cage elements. It has a full functional roll cage, that’s angled to match the slope of the windshield. The rear side-facing bench seats have been removed and replaced with forward facing buckets. The Inspira in the photo is a 4×2, but if this mod could be done on a 4×4 Bolero Invader, it would be far more functional, rather than this open-top poser.


The Mini-Hummer replica



This Mahindra Bolero has been done up to look like a miniature version of the Hummer H2, with some variance in the design thrown in. The design looks proportionate enough and the owner has largely stuck to the stock body panels. The roof has been chopped out at the rear to incorporate a boot. The window frames have been modifed slightly, but at the front, the grille, bumper and headlamps have been completely redone, while the bonnet and fenders are stock. It has a vague resemblance to the Toyota FJ40 as well, and perhaps that’s a direction the owner should have taken. A good attempt, nevertheless. Also see: 10 modified Swifts from around the world


The Bolero Stinger

Source: Facebook

The Mahindra Bolero Stinger is a standard customization that Mahindra offers. You need to buy a regular Mahindra Bolero and then send it to Mahindra Customization for it to be modified into a Bolero Stinger. There are a couple of versions of the Stinger – based on teh older Bolero design and the newer one. There is no change to the mechanicals of the Bolero, only cosmetic modifications are done. Headlamps, body shell, tail-lamps, wheels are all modified. However, one downside to this is the excessive use of plastic bits on the externals – it isn’t a totally clean mod.


The Old Mahindra Bolero Commando



The Mahindra Bolero Commando modification was also one that was done by Mahindra Customization and is a fairly clean mod. It looks quite tastefully done. Just like the Stinger, the third section beyond the C-pillar is chopped short and made into a load bay. However, the clean flat lines of the older Mahindra Bolero made it stand out in a crowd. There are not too many plastic add-ons as is the case with the Stinger. It’s something worth trying with an old Bolero.


The Mahindra Bolero Attitude


Source: Facebook

The Mahindra Bolero Attitude was based on the Mahindra Bolero Invader body – a soft-top vehicle that was discontinued a few years ago. The Bolero Attitude also comes in various styles – a full soft-top variant and a single-cab hard top variant. This vehicle too is offered through Mahindra Customization, although there are several similar mods that have been carried out by individuals as well. Also see: Maruti Gypsy customization ideas

The Bolero Campaign Edition


Source: KitUp

Really, this is a serious mod designed to bring out the politician in you. This particular Bolero modification was done by KitUp in Coimbatore, targeted at politicians in Tamil Nadu. It’s got enough flagpoles up front for all the various party flags. It has a motorized roof that can be opened up for you to stand up and give speeches if needed. And then there’s enough lights around to make your presence felt.


Mahindra Bolero G-Wagen replica

Source: Team-BHP

If you can’t afford a Mercedes G-Wagen, here’s the next best thing – build one for yourself. This particular replica is being built in Kerala and has been quite tastefully done. The attention to detail is good – right down to the door handles and headlamps. Some of the parts for this Bolero G-Wagen build are actual G-Wagen parts, which the owner has shipped in for the vehicle. Here’s a tip, an easier convert to a G-Wagen would be the Force Gurkha as it is almost identical in size, being a direct descendant of the Mercedes G-Wagen, while the Bolero would be a tad narrower. Also see: India’s best modified cars

So which of these Mahindra Bolero mods excites you? Tell us.