HOT modified new Toyota Fortuner SUVs from around India

HOT modified new Toyota Fortuner SUVs from around India

The Toyota Fortuner is the undisputed king of the segment. It sells by the lorryload and is way ahead of any other vehicle in the segment when it comes to the numbers. The all-new Fortuner has become quite popular in the market. Here are five customised versions that look menacing.


Toyota’s luxury arm, the Lexus has some aggressively designed vehicles. This kit from AutoMarc is inspired by the same. The Fortuner here looks very much in line with the design philosophy of Lexus vehicles. The kit includes a new grille, a new front bumper lip with integrated DRLs, side body moulding and new rear bumper with lower lip.


Black always looks intimidating, especially on the big SUVs. Here is a Toyota Fortuner that has adorned the official TRD kit of Toyota. It is a kit released by the performance arm of Toyota – TRD. The car gets a new grille, a new bumper and new front spoiler. A hint of a red accent on the face makes the vehicle even more desirable. The owner has also removed the chrome from the vehicle giving it daunting look.

Black and white

A simple black and white can be classy but with modifications done to the face, it can be dominating too. This one gets a body kit similar to the Lexus kit but with a more aggressive bumper lip. The lower bumper gets prominent strong points on it and the LED DRLs are integrated to the bottom it adds to the looks. It looks quite simple but has an overshadowing appearance.


The stock version of the Fortuner has enough power to hold the attention of majority road users but with the TRD kit, you just cannot miss the vehicle. Here is another example of TRD kitted Toyota Fortuner. The hourglass-shaped front grille which is finished in matte black and the overall black and white body colour makes it distinctive in the sea of vehicles.


This all-black Toyota Fortuner gets an interesting kit that looks similar to the Lexus body kit but is quite different. The all-black grille goes well with the same coloured body. The lower bumper lip gets chrome coloured and the whole vehicle looks quite interesting. The owner has also upgraded the alloy wheels and has got wider tyres giving it a very dominating appearance.

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