Hot Wheels Insignia is a HOT modified Hindustan Contessa [VIDEO]

Hot Wheels, a popular brand from Mettel Toys, is known for its die-cast models. As per the company, it has sold over six billion cars since 1968. The well-known toy-maker participated in the Auto Expo 2018 to celebrate its 50 years of existence. Of course, it brought some of its creations to the Expo. However, these were full-scale, fully-operational models based on existing cars. One of the Hot Wheels cars at the Expo was the ‘Insignia’ – a HOT looking modified Hindustan Contessa.

Hot Wheels Insignia is a HOT modified Hindustan Contessa [VIDEO]

The folks at Hot Wheels seem to have taken inspiration from the hot rods of the 60s for the modification of this Hindustan Contessa. The car gets a custom paint scheme, complete with red hot flames graphics that pay homage to Hot Wheel’s insignia. Oh, by the way, this Contessa has been named ‘Insignia’ by its creators – makes perfect sense, right?

The front-end of the car features custom headlamps, a new grille, and a new bumper that carries a rather chunky and an old-fashioned front diffuser. The nose and the bonnet are covered in the aforementioned flames and make the car look really mean. The grille has red back-lighting, which makes the car look even angrier in the dark. The side profile remains largely the same and it is here that the original identity of the car comes to light. The only visible changes here are the classy multi-spoke alloy wheels and the flame graphics that extend all the way to the rear door.

The rear-end is characterized by a huge spoiler, custom taillamps, and a ’50 Hot Wheels The Original Stunt Brand’ sticker. The boot-lid gets a huge spoiler. Even the taillamps and the bumper are new and complement the car’s front-end. The interior gets a handful of changes to complement the exterior. The steering has a chain design and the gear knob has a ‘skull’ head. The cabin gets a red-and-black color theme.

Hot Wheels Insignia is a HOT modified Hindustan Contessa [VIDEO]

As you can see in the video above, this Hot Wheels model looks really very HOT. It won’t be wrong to say that the Insignia is a modified Hindustan Contessa like none other. It successfully manages to capture the essence of the American hot-rods without looking outlandish or too loud. This modified Contessa induces some serious want!

Video Courtesy – Craftsmen6037 on Youtube