Hotwheels Hindustan Contessa out on the roads: Getting prepared for more modifications [Video]

Hotwheels is a name that every one of us knows. The scale model and toy car manufacturer celebrated 50 years of its existence by modifying two cars and displaying them at the 2018 Auto Expo. One of these two cars was a heavily modified Hindustan Contessa that was made to look like a real-life Contessa scale model. Most of us have only seen the Hotwheels Hindustan Contessa on the stage only but that car is up and running and has been bought by a few talented folks who want to modify it further.

The Hotwheels Hindustan Contessa is currently with the Autologue Design, who have modified a lot of cars and bikes in the past and have done an incredible job. The Contessa by Hotwheels is named as HW Flames, which is also a scale model by them. It gets the name because of the flames on the body all over, which was added by a paint job that makes the car look like on fire.


Hotwheels added a feel of the 1960s to the Contessa and have modified the vehicle to give a similar feeling. The front of the car gets a pointy grille that protrudes and gives an aggressive look. The headlamps have grilles in colourful LEDs while the main grille gets a red ambient light. On the side, the Hotwheels Contessa gets massive 17-inch multispoke wheels that add a rustic feel to the vehicle.

At the rear, the Contessa gets aftermarket LED tail lamps with clear lens. It also gets an integrated spoiler in the rear that looks quite good on the car. There is also a steel bumper in the rear.

Apart from the exterior changes, there have been a lot of changes done to the cabin too. The cabin gets a red and black theme. The seats have not been changed or updated but there are new covers on them that change the entire feel and look of the car. Even the floor of the cabin gets an all red carpet.

The dashboard is all red coloured now and there is a unique steering wheel made out of chain links. The manual transmission lever gets a skull head. The features are bare minimum and you do get to see a few chrome parts on the dashboard. We are not sure about the changes that the Team Autologue will make to the Contessa but they will be revealed in a few months time.