How a Tata Nexon owner got a brand new Nexon after dealer sold him refurbished model [Video]

Harender Bhardwaj, a gym instructor from Rewari, Haryana, purchased a Tata Nexon XE early last month. Sadly, however, he soon discovered that he has been sold a refurbished unit. Here is a video that shows him pointing out the defects his Nexon carries. Of course, he was quick to file a complaint with Tata Motors. The good news is that Harender has finally received a brand-new car in exchange for the defective piece.

As shown by Harender in the video above, his brand new Nexon had a re-painted LHS rear fender. The aggrieved Nexon owner goes on to show that the paint quality of the repaired panel is so bad that it can be scratched off using a fingernail.

A careful observation also reveals a crack in the panel, which the dealer has tried to hide using a sealer and a fresh coat of paint. There’s another crack in the rear door, which, too, has been masked using fresh paint. Even the bumper is not aligned properly, which is a clear sign of shoddy repair work.

Moreover, there’s a slight mismatch between the original and the new paint. In all probability, the car suffered some damage at the hands of dealership staff.

It’s pretty shocking to know that an authorized dealership tried to fool a customer by selling him a car that had suffered considerable damage. Luckily for the owner, the repair work was of such shoddy quality that he was quick to realize that he has been sold a refurbished unit. What’s even better is that Tata Motors was quick to acknowledge this and replaced Harender’s defective Nexon with a new unit absolutely free of cost.

How a Tata Nexon owner got a brand new Nexon after dealer sold him refurbished model [Video]

It’s always a good idea to check a new car before its delivery. We say this because it gets really tough to claim and prove any sort of foul play once you have signed on the dotted line and the car is registered in your name. Hence, it’s a good idea to do a “pre-delivery inspection” yourself before taking the delivery. Of course, the dealer will anyway do a PDI but it’s a good thing to check things for yourself, preferably in the presence of a dealership executive.

Here’s what should be checked in a PDI or pre-delivery inspection

  • Check if the odometer Is in working condition. Ideally, there shouldn’t be more than a 100 kms on the odo.
  • Have a good look at all the body panels in bright sunlight. Any sort of paint mismatch could be an indicator of a quick touch-up job to hide some damage done by the dealership/car transporter.
  • Check tyres and ensure they are new.
  • Check if the upholstery is neat and tidy.
  • Pop up the hood and tally the VIN/Chassis/Engine numbers
  • Check the level of engine oil, coolant, etc
  • Check the battery and note down its serial number
  • Check all lights, horns, and other electricals like the music system, aircon, etc

via Harender Bhardwaj on Youtube