How car reverse accidents happen involving children – Video

A 14 month old toddler was playing with her elder sister (another infant) on the pavement in front of her house at JP Nagar, Bangalore. Moments later, she strayed onto the road, even as a Honda Civic had begun reversing from the opposite house. Both the front and rear wheels of the Civic ran over the toddler.

Miraculously, the toddler survived with just minor injuries. While this toddler was lucky to get away with her life, this incident could have easily become tragic. Kids and animals – low in height – are most susceptible to reversing vehicles. Their low heights make them almost impossible to spot while reversing, especially in cars that have large blind spots.

In this case, the toddler who was playing on the pavement suddenly strayed onto the road even as the Civic had already begun reversing. Under such circumstances, it’s very easy for the child to disappear into the blind spots of the car, except if it was equipped with a reverse camera with a wide angle.

Reverse with caution!

  • While reversing a car, do so with abundant caution. If in doubt, get out of the car and take a good look at the surroundings.
  • It is safer to assume that people would move. Whether a person, child or stray animal, do not assume they would stay their positions. Keep your eye on them as you reverse. It only takes a second for someone to take a few steps and enter your blind spot.
  • It’s a good thing to have reverse parking camera and sensors fitted onto a car if your vehicle isn’t already fitted with one. These devices are cheap and widely available. They can be life savers. Nowadays, even advanced reverse parking cameras with night vision are quite cheap, and reliable.
  • While it’s best to buy a car variant that has reverse parking camera and sensors, the aftermarket route also provides plenty of options.
  • While getting this accessory installed from the aftermarket, you have to make sure that you pick a good quality unit, and also ensure that the OEM wiring of the car isn’t tampered. Tampering of OEM wiring can lead to warranty of the car being voided.

Parents have to be more responsible!

  • Parents of toddlers have to make sure that their kids don’t stray onto public roads.
  • Letting kids play unsupervised in public areas is a complete no-no.