How thieves unlock cars in just seconds: Live demo video EXPLAINS

As car security technology gets more sophisticated, theft devices are also keeping up. Thieves are using new high-tech devices that intercept the infrared radio frequency of the remote key and the car. These Youtubers used a similar device to intercept the signals between a car remote and a vehicle and then prank the owners for an educational video.

How does this device work?

Modern day car remotes communicate with cars through radio frequency. These are similar waves that are used in FM radios. In car security systems, the car key FOB is the transmitter while the car is the receiver. Now if someone has an external receiver that can read the frequency between the car’s remote and the vehicle and then replicate the same security codes, it can easily take control of the central locking system of any vehicle.

Such devices are not easily available in the market but in recent times, many thieves have started using them. The device is placed near the target car. As soon as the lock or unlock button is pressed on the remote, it sends radio waves in all directions. The interceptor devices receive the signal, copies it to the system and then can fire the same codes at the car which unlocks it.

Vehicles that get keyless entry constantly emits short-range frequencies so that whenever the key is near the car, it can be unlocked. Some thieves also use devices to copy such short-range waves from the homes of the victim and then use it to unlock the car. Most keys are placed at the entrance of the main door of the house. Car thieves use this to copy codes from the key.

The YouTubers show various cars, including a Hyundai Creta and Volkswagen Cross Polo, being opened through the interceptor device that they have. They later go to the owners and tell them that there is such a device in the market and is used by modern thieves. He also advised them to not use remote locking. However, it is not possible for many modern cars to open the lock manually and the security system sees it as a breach. It should be noted that unlocking the car does not mean that it can be started if there is an immobiliser.

Can you save your vehicle from this?

Until you start using old-school lock and key, you cannot escape it. However, you can instal modern GPS devices that can track the location of the car if it is stolen. Apart from that, always ensure not to leave any valuables and original documents of the vehicle inside.