How I went to Canada and became a trucker: Indian girl explains

North American country Canada is currently one of the most popular hub for immigrants. Thousands of Indians have moved from India to Canada for higher studies and work. Unlike developing countries like India, countries like Canada offer better pay and that is one of the reason why there has been an increase in such migrations. Even a person who is driving a truck in Canada is getting paid well and we have seen several videos of the same on internet. Here we have one such video where an India girl explains how she became a trucker in Canada.

The video has been uploaded by Mallu Trucker Girl in Canada on their YouTube channel. In this vlog, the Indian girl who is from Kerala answers some questions regarding trucking that she has been getting online. One of them was how did she become trucker and how can one apply for a job to be a truck driver in Canada.

She starts by mentioning that she is not a professional and has limited knowledge amount immigration. She mentioned that she had come to Canada few years ago for higher studies and she chose truck driving as a profession to  make some money while she was there. She explained that a person can migrate to Canada either for higher studies or by obtaining PR.

She said, there are many job opportunities in Canada and truck driving is one of them. She also mentioned that people who are working in Canada including herself won’t recommend spending money to apply for a job in Canada as it is a very complicated process and chances of a person getting scammed are also high. She explains that the best way is to first migrate to Canada and then apply for a truck driver job or any other job. She said getting in touch with a consulting agency for this purpose is the best option.

How I went to Canada and became a trucker: Indian girl explains

She also mentioned that people who have not received PR or have come to Canada on Spouse Visa can also apply for job as a truck driver. We had featured stories about Indians who are driving trucks in Canada and USA before. The truck drivers are treated well in the country and they are often offered with benefits like medical insurance from the employer. Most of truck drivers will have to work for 5 days a week and they work for almost 12 hours a day but, they do get paid well too. Unlike trucks in India, the drivers have bunk bed, air conditioner and some of them even have a kitchen that they use while they are on a break in between the shift.

The Indian girl in the video did not mention about how much she’s currently earning by driving a truck but, she did mention that people in Canada pay well for the time and the work. She also mentioned that if anyone is looking for such jobs after migrating to Canada there are several Indian owned truck companies in Canada that can offer jobs and good pay.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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