How much slush can a SUV handle? Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Mahindra Scorpio & more SUVs face-off [Video]

Testing the limits of 4X4 vehicles is something that can be extremely fun. Especially if it is done in a controlled environment. Anshuman Bishnoi, who regularly puts up videos of 4X4 vehicles has uploaded a video of popular 4X4 vehicles driving through a deep trench at ORAZ, which is filled with slush. Here is a video that shows how much slush can an SUV handle!

Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Thar, Isuzu V-Cross, Land Cruiser Prado through slush

The interesting video has been shot at ORAZ that offers various off-roading challenges in a controlled environment. 4X4 vehicles can actually test the vehicle’s capability without the fear of getting stranded in seclusion. The first part of the video shows thick slush or mud in the trench and the first vehicle to get into it is an old-generation Toyota Fortuner. The Fortuner gets stuck first in the mud and then the driver takes the vehicle in the third try by maintaining the momentum.

The second vehicle to enter the trench is a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy that gets stuck in the first try due to the lack of momentum and then gets recovered by the Toyota Fortuner. The Gypsy then re-attempts the same trench at high speed and comes out of the trench without any problem. Then a modified Gypsy with off-road spec tyres and a Mahindra Thar successfully cross the trench without getting stuck.

Interestingly, a Renault Duster AWD also enters the trench but the vehicle only gets an AWD system that sends power to all the wheels and there is no low-ratio transfer case in it, which makes it very difficult for the vehicle to come out of the trench successfully on its own. The modified Gypsy recovers the vehicle and then it enters the trench again to get the same result. The second time, water is added to the trench and it then gets recovered by a Mahindra Scorpio.

With the added water in the trench, the situation is about to get worse and slippery. The first vehicle to get inside the trench after adding the water is the new-generation Toyota Fortuner which gets quite a few off-road modifications. The SUV blasts through the trench at high momentum and reaches the other side of the trench. A Mahindra Scorpio, old-generation Ford Endeavour, Maruti Suzuki Gypsy and an Isuzu D-Max V-Cross also get through the trench easily. The video also shows two different Land Cruiser Prado SUVs getting through the trenches without any problem.

However, the new-generation Toyota Fortuner gets royally stuck in the slush after that and after several attempts, the vehicle had to winched out by an Isuzu D-Max V-Cross. However, the modified old Fortuner gets through it easily and without any problem. After that, the Scorpio gets stuck and had to be recovered by the old-gen Toyota Fortuner and then even the old Fortuner gets stuck in the slush royally and had to be taken out by the new-gen Toyota Fortuner. The old Fortuner re-attempts the challenge but remains stuck in the slush and had to be recovered again with a winch pull. After that, even the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy meets the same fate and gets stuck in the slush.

Why did the vehicles get stuck?

The addition of water makes the surface slippery and more challenging for the vehicles. Many vehicles that got stuck in the trench successfully crossed it in the first attempts. While this was done in a controlled region, when out in the wilderness and going through such terrain, one should always know the limit for their vehicles and if there are no vehicles around that can be used for recovery, difficult challenges should be avoided at all the cost.