How NOT to modify your car

At CarToq, we often show you cars and bikes that look great modified, but there’s always the other side of the story. So we look at five cars that were best left unmodified because the examples below look, erm, sad.

Crossover of cars


With the arrival of crossovers the idea of a hatchback turning into an offroad-ready beast doesn’t sound bad until you see this. It must have taken the customiser a good amount of effort considering the vehicle is said to use the petrol engine from the Swift, has a lot of Alto parts in it, and runs on wide Maxxis tyres – all of which means this is more of a Frankenstein than a custom job, and a very ugly one at that.


Maserati Replica

Ugly Mahindra Verito Logan


Maserati might have recently re-entered the Indian market, but there are a lot of fans of the Italian marque. Some of them take it so seriously that they even go and get a Maserati-like grille fitted on their cars, no matter what size or shape the car is. Owner of the example here desperately wanted to free himself from staid looking Dacia front and rear ends, and needed to enjoy some exclusivity, too. That totally examplains the presence of Verna-sourced head and taillamps, and the grille, of course.

Ferrari 512 Zen


Enzo Ferrari might turn in his grave if he somehow gets to hear about this contraption of a design. While the work doesn’t look shoddy, it’s about as tasteful as wearing a pair of Crocs with a three-piece suit. To make it all worse, keep in mind that this was a Zen that someone that though would make for a nice Ferrari TR replica with Santro Xing-sourced taillamps and headlamps from the Honda City.


Pink Zen



The colour pink has become an easy target and mods like this are to blame. The Zen is a beautiful-looking car and it does not deserve such a treatment. The custom front-end is as half-hearted both in design and execution, and on the whole the design looks like…disappointment. Yes, that’s what disappointment looks like!

Tata Nano… wait, what?

images (2)

Money can’t buy you taste, but lack of it doesn’t, either. The car with its temporary registration plate proves that it was subjected to this nonsense before being registered. The widebody kit might have worked if the designer had left the front and the rear untouched. Sadly, he/she did not, and the result is a mess.

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