How Tata Motors ensures that its CNG cars are as safe as its petrol cars

Tata CNG protection and safety

Long before electric vehicles became mainstream, CNG cars were one of the first alternative-fueled vehicles that resonated with a ton of Indian buyers. Currently, CNG cars are posting great numbers in India, and recently, talking about the safety aspect of these vehicles, Tata Motors’ vice president shared a ton of interesting details. In his recent interview, he emphasized that Tata Motors ensures that their CNG cars are just as safe as their petrol-powered counterparts.

How Tata Motors ensures that its CNG cars are as safe as its petrol cars

During a discussion with Financial Express, Mohan Savarkar, Vice President at Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and the head for all Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) products, revealed a ton of information on the safety aspects of Tata’s CNG vehicles. Savarkar stated that the company diligently focuses on making its CNG cars an attractive and secure option for consumers. He added that Tata Motors has implemented a range of innovative solutions to make their CNG vehicles as safe as possible.

Safety First

When it comes to CNG vehicles, safety is a paramount concern, stated Mohan Savarkar while addressing this issue comprehensively. He highlighted that CNG cars offer certain safety advantages over traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. He stated that firstly, CNG tanks are built to be much stronger than petrol tanks. This enhanced structural integrity reduces the risk of damage or leaks during accidents.

How Tata Motors ensures that its CNG cars are as safe as its petrol cars

Secondly, Savarkar added that CNG has a considerably higher combustion temperature compared to petrol or diesel. This means that in the event of a fire or ignition, CNG is less prone to catching fire, which significantly improves passenger safety. Apart from this, he added that CNG is a gas and disperses quickly into the atmosphere if there’s a leak, rather than pooling up like liquid fuels such as petrol. This is an important safety feature as it minimizes the risk of a concentrated fuel source in the event of a leak.

Stringent Safety Measures

Going deep into the safety measures taken by Tata Motors to ensure that their CNG vehicles meet the highest safety standards, Savarkar explained that safety is a top priority for the company. He stated that Tata Motors has implemented technology that can automatically shut down the CNG system if any issues or anomalies are detected. This ensures that any potential problems are addressed promptly, reducing the risk to the driver and passengers.

How Tata Motors ensures that its CNG cars are as safe as its petrol cars

Next, he added that the CNG cylinders used in Tata’s vehicles undergo rigorous testing. They are tested with both water and nitrogen at extreme pressures of 240 bar and 340 bar, far exceeding the pressures they will encounter in normal use. Savarkar iterated that this rigorous testing guarantees the integrity of the CNG cylinders. Additionally, Tata Motors has taken extra steps to protect the CNG plumbing with added tubing. This extra layer of protection also makes sure that the CNG system remains intact even if luggage or other items are placed on top of it.

Availability and Government Support

Moving away from the safety aspects of the CNG vehicles, Savarkar also talked about the rising popularity of CNG vehicles. He stated that one of the key advantages of CNG vehicles is the abundant availability of CNG in India. Savarkar pointed out that CNG is a petroleum product that can be found in good quantities within the country.

How Tata Motors ensures that its CNG cars are as safe as its petrol cars

He added that this not only ensures a consistent supply but also contributes to the economic viability of CNG cars as compared to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. In addition, he mentioned that the Indian government is actively encouraging automakers to promote CNG vehicles, leading to an increase in the number of CNG outlets, which now stands at around 5,500.

Economic Benefits and Innovation

Talking about the economic benefits of CNG vehicles, Savarkar stated that CNG vehicles offer very low cost per kilometer. He also added that apart from this, Tata Motors is one of the first automakers to embrace this advantage and has innovatively integrated CNG technology into multiple variants of their cars. Savarkar stated that some manufacturers who offer CNG only in the base variants, Tata Motors allows customers to enjoy the same features as their petrol counterparts in their CNG models.

Tackling the Boot Space Challenge

How Tata Motors ensures that its CNG cars are as safe as its petrol cars

Lastly, while talking about Tata Motors’ new and innovative iCNG technology, he emphasized its creation. Savarkar stated that the significant challenges faced by CNG vehicles before was the loss of boot space due to CNG tanks. However, Tata Motors has tackled this problem ingeniously by splitting the CNG tanks and placing them under the regular boot, he stated. This innovation not only preserves the convenience of the car’s storage but also enhances the overall user experience, added Savarkar.