How to change your wiper blades: A how-to video from carToq

Changing windshield wipers on a car is a task that has to be done every year ideally.

The best time to change your wipers is before the monsoon, just after a long hot summer. The harsh weather conditions tend to make the rubber on wiper blades brittle and this can then lead to problems such as poor cleaning of the windshield or worse still, scratch your windshield very badly, which can result in expensive repairs.

If you go to a service station to change your wipers, very often the workshop is going to charge you “exorbitant” labour charges for a very simple job. This is a change you can do at home in your driveway, and with a  plethora of wiper brand choices out there, such as Hella, Bosch and Syndicate to name a few.

Here’s a handy video to demonstrate how this can be done, with most common wiper arm designs. Some wipers though require a safety latch to be unclipped or a screw to be removed.