EASY ways to double tyre life of a car to 1 lakh km

Tyres are the most ignored part of the car. While there are many who worry about the condition of the tyre when the vehicle starts to skid on the wet surfaces and controlling it becomes much more difficult, there are other who keep a regular check on the condition of the tyres. Well, the lifecycle of a regular tyre lasts around 50,000 km. However, if you really want to increase it and ensure that it reaches at least 1,00,000 km, there are a few simple yet effective ways that can help you do that. Here is a list of things that you can keep in mind to ensure that your tyres get a long-lasting life.

Right tyres

EASY ways to double tyre life of a car to 1 lakh km

While all tyres may look the same, they really are not. There are soft compound tyres, hard compound tyres and so on. While the softer compound tyres provide ample grip in all kinds of situations, they do get wear out quickly. The hard compound tyres, on the other hand, last for a longer time. There are quite a few tyre brands like Ceat Milaze 3 advertise for their long-range. These high range tyres are specially designed to handle the uneven wear and tear. There are quite a few other brands that offer long run include JK Ultima and Tornado, Bridgestone Dueler, CEAT Czar and more. However, one should always stay clear of the Chinese brands to ensure safety.

Overloading can kill the tyres

EASY ways to double tyre life of a car to 1 lakh km

Overloading has a lot of negative effects on the car including the suspension of the vehicle. However, the most negative effect can be seen on the tyres. Overloading of the vehicle causes the sidewalls to flex excessively. The continuous flexing and contraction of the sidewalls can cause the tyre sidewalls to become weak over a small period of time. This greatly reduces the life of the tyres. The weak sidewall is prone to develop bulges and cuts, which can be dangerous at high speeds. Also, overloading of the vehicle can put excessive stress on the suspension and can cause the alignment to go out of sync quickly.

Recommended tyre pressure

EASY ways to double tyre life of a car to 1 lakh km

It is extremely important to stick to the recommended tyre pressure that is recommended by the tyre manufacturer and the car manufacturer. Many tests are done to figure out the optimum tyre pressure of the car. If the pressure is too low, it can heat up the tyre quickly and cause it to burst. Overinflation can bring down the grip of the tyre. It should be noted that underinflation is more dangerous than overinflation and cause the tyre to wear out prematurely.

Regular wheel alignment and rotation

EASY ways to double tyre life of a car to 1 lakh km

The rough Indian roads ensure that the wheels of the vehicle go out of alignment every few thousand kilometres of driving. The alignment of the wheels is extremely important. If the wheels are facing in different directions, they start to skid and the wear and tear increases by a great degree. It is extremely important to get the wheels aligned every 5,000 km. Also, wheel balancing and rotation are important and one should do it very regularly to ensure a lasting life of the tyres.

Drive gently

Tyres are under a lot of stress. Under hard braking, the tyres are stressed and the same goes for hard acceleration. This is why it is important to remain in speed limits and do not accelerate or brake harshly. Driving gently will ensure that the tyre alignment remains intact for a long time too.

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