Question of the day: How to get rid of the habit of resting foot on the pedal always?

Farooq Aziz:I have this stupid habit of resting my foot on the clutch pedal constantly… Of course lightly, but yes! Is this the reason my clutch is hard?

Binu Sooryachandran This will decrease mileage & clutch plates will wear out early, also may stiffen.

Question of the day: How to get rid of the habit of resting foot on the pedal always?

Get a dead pedal fixed beside the clutch pedal & rest your foot on that. Santro, Cedia (may be more) provides a small rest next to the clutch, so it is convenient to keep left foot there.

Springs of clutch disc would have got tightened, 90K KMs right ? Try lubricating the clutch cable with engine oil and pedal lever joints by grease.

Even I drive resting left foot on clutch pedal. As people say – “Can’t quit smoking”

Maninder Singh Try to shift your seat a bit backwards and drive.. This’ll make you feel more comfortable and max solve your problem too..

Vishwas Bharadwaj I too had same habit, but not now because i keep my foot under the clutch pedal. I don’t think that is the reason for hardening clutch. It is something connected with air problems because my brother who drives the Scorpio sprays at the connection to make it free

Dws Auto The clutch pedal becoming hard is a known problem in the Scorpio. Mahindra had ordered a retrofitment with a newer clutch master cylinder design in the newer Scorpios.

As for the clutch, try resting your foot just in front of it flat on the floor, consciously. Even in traffic, you do not need to use half clutch in the Scorpio – just release it fully in 1st gear and it crawls along without stalling.

Binu’s suggestion of a dead pedal is also good, though there’s not much room to fit one in the Scorpio’s footwell. Lubricating the clutch spring doesn’t help too much as the Scorpio has a hydraulic clutch.