How to lift a fallen Suzuki Hayabusa weighing a MASSIVE 265 Kg [Video]

Hayabusa Fallen Featured

Superbikes or sports bikes are dream bike of many bike enthusiasts but in real life situations, they can be challenging to handle. Most superbikes and sports bikes are quite heavy and if not handled properly, they can fall down easily. Lifting up such heavy bikes is not an easy task and this video by Turbo Xtreme shows how difficult or easy it can be to pick up a Suzuki Hayabusa.

The video demonstrates how difficult it is to lift up a heavy bike like Suzuki Hayabusa. The kerb weight of the bike is 265 kg, which is quite heavy. For the demonstration, the critical parts of the Hayabusa get the bubble wrap to save them from any kind of scratches when it touches the ground. The demonstration starts with two guys trying to pick up the Hayabusa individually and both failing to lift up the bike from the ground.

Later, the owner of the bike tries to lift up the bike and shows how much strength is required to lift the motorcycle up. He also mentions lifting the bike by pushing it back is not possible for sports bikes like Suzuki Hayabusa as it rests closer to the ground when compared to the bikes like Harley Davidson, which have big leg guards that make the bike rest at a bigger angle.

He even demonstrates the same method on the Hayabusa and claims that it is difficult to use the lifting method on sports bikes like Hayabusa. The method used to lift up the bike in a regular and common way can hurt the back as all the weight of the motorcycle puts the strain on the back. It is like deadlifting the weight and can cause backache or can seriously injure the back.

The push back method, which is widely recommended by the motorcycle riders and enthusiasts around the world is a much better technique and distributes the weight evenly on the body. This is why much thinner and skinny riders without much muscle power can lift heavy motorcycles through this method without any problem. The same method has been demonstrated on various motorcycles including adventure touring motorcycles, cruisers and even sports bikes on videos but there is a little trick that needs to be followed to successfully lift up the bike using this technique.

The rider needs to rest the back on the seat to the bike and find a strong point in the rear-three quarters to lift up the bike properly through the push back method. Also, the rider needs to go backwards pushing the bike instead of trying to lift the motorcycle. It should be noted that the video made by Turbo Xtreme shows that the rear three-quarter of the Hayabusa does not have a place from where the bike can be held properly to use the push back method successfully. We have put a video by MOTOTREK above which shows other methods that can be used to lift up the bikes easily apart from the push back technique.