How to parallel park like a boss in just 5 simple steps

For some people, parallel parking can be daunting. Some people have difficulties in learning how to parallel park a car. It is becoming harder to find a parking space as the number of the vehicles on road have increased significantly. So, you would have to learn how to parallel park as there will be limited parking spaces in the future. Here, is a video that can help you with parallel parking. There are just 5 steps that you need to follow and they are fairly easy and quick to learn.

Step 1

Find a parking space where your car can fit. Align your car with the car that is parked in front of the parking space.

Step 2

How to parallel park like a boss in just 5 simple steps

There is a rear quarter glass in every car. It is the small triangular window behind the rear window. Start reversing the car till you see the back of the neighbouring car in the quarter glass, then you should start turning the steering wheel to the right.

Step 3

Now, you would need to look into the left outside rearview mirror. When you can see the whole car in the rearview mirror, then turn the steering back to a straight position and keep reversing.

Step 4

Then you need to look into the right outside rearview mirror. When the rearview mirror aligns with the corner of the car parked in front of you then start turning the steering wheel to the left. Keep reversing till your car gets parallel to the kerb of the road.

Step 5

The vehicle is now been parallel parked but you do need to do some final adjustments. Make sure that your vehicle is in the middle of the parking space. For this, you would need to drive your car slightly forward. There should be enough space that neighbouring cars can get out of their parking space easily without hitting your car.

These are the 5 simple steps that you need to follow to parallel park your vehicle. The more you practice, the better you will get at parallel parking. You can practice it at abandoned parking lots or grounds. Parallel parking is an important skill and there will be one day when you will have to parallel park.

Parking cameras and sensors

Now, it is mandatory by law that automobile manufacturers offer rear parking sensors which can be very useful in alerting you so that you do not hit the vehicle behind you. The parking sensors will beep as you get closer to the rear vehicle, then the beep becomes continuous depicting that you are too close to the rear vehicle. There are also now rear cameras, 360-degree parking camera, birds-eye view parking camera and multiple view parking cameras. So, you can also opt for a vehicle that comes with these features or you can also opt for an after-market one.

How to parallel park like a boss in just 5 simple steps

Some cars now even come with self-parking technology. The vehicle can park itself automatically and the driver does not need to do anything. There is also a semi-automatic self-parking in which the driver does need to operate the gears, speed and brake. In this, the car operates the steering itself.