How to start your car if your self start has failed with nobody to push-start [Video]

Battery draining of vehicles due to almost no movement will be a big challenge for many when the lockdown comes to an end and people start their vehicles for the first time. Well, it can be difficult to get a few people to push start the vehicle, more so if the car is parked in a basement. But can it be started without moving it from its place? These videos say that you can do that by using a rope and a jack lift.

The video from Narendra 7010 has used the front-wheel-drive Renault Kwid and the rear-wheel-drive Mahindra TUV300 for the experiments. As per his instructions, any manual car can be started in a similar way by only using two equipment – a jack lift and a rope. This is most useful for the people who are alone.

In the video, he first lifts up the car from one side using the jack lift. After the tyre goes up by a few inches, he puts the car in the reverse gear but he also claims that the vehicle can start in the first gear. A rope was wounded around the tyre which is above the ground and then the person pulls it hard towards him. The car seems to be switched on. The camera does not show the cabin but it seems like no one is inside. In the video, he quickly pulls the rope and says that the car has started. However, when the vehicle is in a gear, it is really difficult to move it so easily so we are not sure about the technique used here.

Also, it is not clear how the wheel moved so freely even without anyone pressing the clutch. In real-life situations, much more power is needed to turn the wheel of the vehicle in a similar way and it may damage the transmission. We do not suggest using any such technique while trying to start your vehicle. In a second video shared by the same person, the TUV300 has been used and a similar process has been shown using the rear wheel of the mid-size sub-4m SUV. In the TUV300, the transmission is in the fifth gear position and it has been started using a similar way. However, the person remains inside the car before that and it seems like that he has used the self-starter to turn on the vehicle.

Big trucks are often started using a similar method but the truckers use the self and also dump the clutch while using this method. Without pushing the clutch pedal, it can be impossible to move the wheel of any vehicle.

How to start your car if your self start has failed with nobody to push-start [Video]

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