How to stop a car in 8 seconds if brakes fail: Explained on video

Stopping car with no brakes

One of the worst things that can happen while driving a car is break failure. If it happens to a person while driving a car on the road, he or she might easily panic and end up crashing the vehicle somewhere. It can lead to accidents and depending on the speed, the occupants can get minor or major injuries. Apart from the people inside the car, the vehicle itself gets damged badly. It is always important to take care of the brakes in any vehicle. Here we have a video that explains and shows what to do in such situations instead of panicking.

The video has been uploaded by Knowledge Kingdom on their YouTube channel. Even when you take good care of a vehicle, there are chances that the brakes in your vehicle might stop responding at times. It could be due to multiple reasons like the brake wires could break, master cylinder unable to build pressure to apply brakes and so on. The video posted above talks about how to bring a car to complete stop with least amount of damage to the occupants and car if the brakes fail. It should be noted that the video demonstrates how to stop a manual transmission car.

How to stop a car in 8 seconds if brakes fail: Explained on video

First thing to avoid when you realise that you have lost brakes on your car is to panicking. Try to remain as calm as possible and remove foot from the accelerator pedal. Once the this has been done, pull the handbrake halfway up. Do not pull the handbrake completely as the chances of you loosing control over the vehicle are pretty high. If the vehicle is at high speeds, doing this would lock the rear wheels and the car would skid on the road. Once you have pulled the handbrakes halfway up, start downshifting the gears. Do not skip any gears and downshift gradually. By doing this, the car would start slowing down due to engine braking. By doing this, the car can be slowed down and brought to a complete stop by slowing pulling the handbrake. This method is very effective and statistics prove that if a car is being driven at 60 kmph speed, a driver can bring it to a halt in just 6 seconds.

The time required to bring a car to a complete stop would go up as the speed increases. This method might also be slightly ineffective on busy roads. In such situations, the driver might not have enough space to stop the car before hitting on another vehicle. In such cases, he or she should try their best to drive the car away from other vehicles on the road. Try to steer vehicle towards the shoulder of the road. In such cases driver can also try to rub the car against the side rails and bushes on the road. This should be the last resort. One should always try to stop a car using the first method. The video educates on how to stop a car if anyone faces such a situation.