How to stop a car in 8 seconds if the brake fails?

Break failing is probably the worst nightmare for any driver on road. It can lead to several major to minor injuries and the car could undergo some serious damage, therefore securing the breaks of your car should be your utmost priority. The situation worsens if the driver is not aware of how to tackle the situation in such cases. The cause of the mishap could vary from your brake wire snapping to your master cylinder leaking which would invariably mean that your car has lost all the pressure it requires to apply the brakes and bring the car to a halt. Even though people have evolved multiple ways to tackle this situation or diminish the damage caused, but here we have a video explaining the optimum way to save yourself minimum inconvenience and damage.

This video has been taken from a channel called the Knowledge Kingdom on Youtube. The video’s basic agenda is to show the best way to bring your car to stop within 8 seconds. Majority of the Indian car market is dominated by cars with manual transmission. The first and foremost advice to the driver in case of a brake failure is to remain calm and remove their foot from the accelerator pedal. Once you’ve removed your foot from the pedal, you’re advised to pull the handbrake of the car halfway. Refrain from pulling it all the way up, as it will result in locking of the rear wheels and as a result, you’d lose control over the car.

Once you’re done with the second step with the handbrake, start shifting the gear lever, slowly, one by one. Make sure that you don’t miss any gear while doing this step. For an instance, do not skip from the 5th get to the 3rd gear without going to the 4th gear. This will lead to the car assuming that you’re engine braking and it will gradually help you to stop the car using the handbrake. This complete process will allow the car to shed excess speed and come to stop.

How to stop a car in 8 seconds if the brake fails?

The statistics attached to this method of tackling brake failure is astounding. Using this method, you could bring your car to halt from almost 60 km within 8 seconds. The speed of the car is directly proportional to the time that the car will take to come to a complete stop, as one of the laws of motions. The problem becomes bigger when the driver doesn’t get space to stop the car and in that case, the driver has to manoeuvre the car from other vehicles or obstructions on the road and drive it to the shoulder, hit the side of the rails or bushes to bring down the speed of the car. These methods are only to be taken as a last resort.

You should always take extra precautions for the brakes and tyres. These are very important for the safety of the vehicle and the occupants. In India, numerous accidents happen due to tyre bursts and brake failures. Every car owner should give extra care to the brakes and the tyres of the vehicles.