Huge recall due to Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal to hit India soon

Volkswagen India is reported to have accepted that a 3,14,000+ cars (approximately 2,10,000 VWs, 80,000 Skodas, and 30,000 Audis) have the same defeat software that was the cause behind the whole ‘Diesel Gate’ saga. The said software ensures that whenever an emission test is conducted, it reduces the emission, hence making the engine (EA189) appear cleaner than what it actually is.

Huge recall due to Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal to hit India soon

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The cars with EA189 diesel engines (various capacities from the now discontinued 1.2-litre unit to the large 2-litre one, hence affecting a lot of models) were emitting up to 40 times more NOx than the approved levels in the USA, but in India, it’s about 3-4 times more than the maximum amount permitted by the current emission norms (BS IV), reveal sources close to Autocar India. Currently ARAI (Automotive Research Authority of India) is conducting tests to find out the extent of the problem, and taking one step forward, the authority might even test other carmakers’ products as well.

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It’s being reported that the final decision on the matter after VW and government officials meet on December 1. As far as the solution goes, company’s President and MD, Andreas Lauermann, mentions to ACI that it’s likely to be the same as in Europe – software updates and introduction of a new plastic filter in the engine intake. The former takes about half an hour while the latter about an hour, says the report.

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What more worrying for the German carmaker is the fact that NGT (National Green Tribunal) has asked both the government and VW for a reply (by December 23) regarding a plea which seeks a ban on manufacture and sale of VW products in the country.