Humble cars of the mega stars

Most of the movie stars and BIG businessmen are seen in the flashiest of cars. However, a few of them also have some humbler vehicles parked in their garage.

Akshay Kumar

Honda CR-V


Bollywood’s ‘Khiladi’ is a very humble man. He is one of the top actors in Bollywood but is very down to earth. He also has a heart of gold & keeps donating money for various causes. His car choices too show his simpleness. Yes, he does have a Range Rover & a Bentley, but he can also be seen driving a Honda CR-V.

Aamir Khan

Ford Ecosport


Aamir Khan needs no introduction. Though he has all the money in the world, cars are not something that interest him much & hence he isn’t very particular about them. He was recently in the news for having taken delivery of a custom Bajaj  V15. Other than that, he also has a Ford Ecosport on the humbler side of his garage.

Ratan Tata

Honda Civic


Ratan Tata may not count as a mega star, but we believe he deserves to be on this list. Mr. Tata is obviously passionate about vehicles. His car collection includes a few rare cars like a Chrysler Sebring & a Cadillac XLR which you can spot him driving on the weekends. Being the down to earth guy he is, he has a Honda Civic which he drives himself & also a Tata Indigo Marina with the back seat removed for his dogs to travel in.

Hema Malini

Tata Nano


Actress turned politician recently bought a Tata Nano to use in Vrindavan. The actress who is an MP from Mathura often travels there on work. She was looking for something small & easy to drive and the Nano fit the bill well. According to her tweet, she wishes to drive this car herself in Vrindavan.

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