HUMBLE Indian motorcycles converted to Suzuki Hayabusas: Bajaj Pulsar to Hero Karizma

The Suzuki Hayabusa has a special status in the hearts of bike lovers. The flagship sports tourer of the Japanese brand has featured in many movies and has a cult following around the world. The Hayabusa is quite expensive in India due to high import taxes and out of the reach of many buyers. However, with the great love and passion for the bike, enthusiasts transform regular Indian bikes to Hayabusa replicas. Here are five such bikes from India.

Bajaj Pulsar 220

This Hayabusa, based on the Bajaj Pulsar 220, carries extreme similarities with the GSX1300R. The bike gets fat tyres, which are of the same size as the Hayabusa that helps it to get the original look. The Pulsar 220 has been modified at the chassis level and the rear subframe has been extended to give it a longer look. The swingarm has been modified to fit the original Hayabusa size tyres, which are 200 mm at the rear and 140 mm at the front.

The bike also gets exhausts similar to the Hayabusa and both of them are functional. The bike also gets a fabricated tank cover that imitates the tank of the Hayabusa. There are a few dummy parts like dials on the instrument console and the left-side front disc. The dummy parts have been put to make the bike look real. The head lamps and the tail lamp get LED lamps.

White Falcon

Here is another Bajaj Pulsar that has been transformed into the sports tourer. The wheelbase of the bike has not been altered but the body panels of the bike look very close to the original. It also gets a Hayabusa-inspired fuel tank. Unlike the modification that we saw above, this one gets a rear seat cowl similar to the original bike, which adds to the overall look. The head lamp, however, gives away that it is a Pulsar. The modder did not change the head lamp and tried covering it under the fairing. Apart from this, the overall job looks quite impressive.

Yamaha YZF-R15

The Yamaha YZF-R15 is the only track-spec bike in this list. The modification job done here is extremely neat and looks real. It gets identical body panels like the Hayabusa and the all-white paint scheme gives it a premium look. The bike gets a new tank, new head lamp and tail lamp. All these parts are similar to the ones we see on the original bike. It also gets dual silencers that are inspired by the original part. The handlebar and other cycle parts like footpegs, swing arm and pedals remain stock.

Hero Karizma

This Karizma-based modification job gets all the details of the Hayabusa. It gets the high-quality fairing that looks identical to the original bike and a single bubble-tinted visor too. The bike gets an extended wheelbase and new mudguards that look like a replica of the original bike. The golden alloy wheels look quite beautiful contrasting with the dark blue body of the modification job.

TVS Apache RTR 160R

The TVS Apache 160R is the entry-level bike in the Apache series. It is a road-going bike that has good enough dynamics for being a track-going bike. The Apache has been modified into a Suzuki Hayabusa with new body panels, tank and a rear seat cowl. The two-tone colour of the bike makes it look quite good, but the silencers do not look appealing enough for a premium bike.

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