Humble Yamaha Crux modified into chopper [Video]

While we have featured dozens of custom chopper motorcycles on Cartoq, most of them are based on Royal Enfield models. The chopper we have today, however, is based on the Yamaha Crux, which used to be the cheapest bike in Yamaha India’s product portfolio at one point of time. Here’s a video of the modified motorcycle.

As you can see in the above video, this motorcycle looks totally unlike the stock Crux. It has a complete chopper bike-like design and carries several modifications that make it look completely different from the stock motorcycle. Up front, you get a custom headlamp and a new spoke wheel. The front forks have a higher rake angle. The front drum brake and the forks get some custom detailing. In the side profile, you’ll be quick to notice the long custom fuel tank. There’s also a flat, custom-built seat that has ‘Chopper’ written on it.

The biggest highlight, however, is the extended swingarm. This gives the motorcycle a lower, more planted, chopper bike-like stance. There’s also a smaller exhaust that has been wrapped to give this motorcycle an old-school look. The front indicators have been replaced with custom LED units that are mounted on the terminal edges of the crash guard.

At the rear, the motorcycle gets a pretty clean look owing to the lack of a rear fender and tail lamp cluster. The motorcycle gets a side-mounted registration plate housing. Other highlights of this motorcycle include a custom rear suspension which comprises small dual shock absorbers mounted on the swingarm. While most custom bike builders go for a monoshock unit, the modifier of this motorcycle has chosen to put into use two centrally mounted shock absorbers instead of one.

Other than this, the motorcycle also gets a custom-made handlebar and a free-flow air filter. The engine remains the same, which means this chopper motorcycle gets a 106-cc, single-cylinder motor that outputs a maximum power of 7.6 bhp. It comes mated to a four-speed manual transmission. While this Yamaha Crux-based chopper isn’t the prettiest custom motorcycle we’ve seen so far, it’s pretty interesting to see the modification possibilities even entry-level motorcycles can offer.

Video courtesy – MotoMahal on Youtube