Hummer gets royally stuck: Old Mahindra Jeep to the rescue [Video]

The American carmaker General Motors sub-brand Hummer is probably one of if not the most iconic brands when it comes to huge bulky SUVs. Commonly referred to as the Humvee, it was first created to serve the military of the United States of America, although later it was produced for civilians as well. Since then it became an iconic vehicle and has gained immense popularity across the USA. The SUV is also equally famous in India and a few celebrities have also owned them in the country. The SUV is known for its boxy appearance and off-reading capabilities however recently a video surfaced on the internet which showed this behemoth stuck in a river.

Recently a video shared by Shanil MpNz on his YouTube channel showed us that despite being such a revered off-roader this beast of an SUV got stuck in the middle of a river stream. From the video we can clearly see that the driver of the Hummer H2 decided to go deep into the river and got royally stuck.

Following which a friend of the driver of the Hummer comes with a Mahindra Major to rescue the stuck Hummer. The video shows us the rescue mission of this Hummer where it gets roped to the front bumper of the Mahindra Major. The Hummer H2 emerges from the riverbed with a lot of effort thanks to the Major’s tugging.

Off-roading enthusiasts can note that the Hummer H2 could not get enough traction to exit the riverbed, even if it was in 4X4 mode. The tension in the rope from the Major also splits in the middle of the video because to the force between the two vehicles. Following this person in the Major reattached the rope and then gave it a good tug to eventually get it back. The Hummer made several wheelspins, creating a fountain in the river. However, after a good two or three pulls the Humvee eventually emerged from the water.

Hummer gets royally stuck: Old Mahindra Jeep to the rescue [Video]

From this video, many of us can learn this lesson that no matter how capable the SUV or vehicle is on paper without proper knowledge and equipment one should not jump into situations. Because if not taken care of things can go south pretty quickly. In this video we can clearly spot that the Hummer H2 was not equipped with all-terrain tyres instead it had regular street tyres with huge alloy wheels. This setup is not ideal for water wading or even general off-roading. The Street tyres cannot generate enough traction for vehicles of this size if they ever get stuck in situations like these.

As for the Hummer H2 in the video itself, we can note that the SUV was not wearing Indian number plates rather it had Dubai plates. For those wondering, the vehicle came to India via carnet. Carnet is like the passport for cars, which allows NRI’s individuals to bring in their vehicles from other countries to India for certain period of time. The Hummer H2 in the video is a right hand drive vehicle.