Hummer H1 vs Suzuki Jimny in a drag race [Video]

Hummer was a vehicle that was initially developed for military usage. These vehicles were tough and were used by troops to move around in the battlefield. It is a huge vehicle and has ample amount of road presence. Later, a civilian version of Hummer was launched in the market and became popular among buyers. It is now a very common vehicle in many celebrity garages. The civilian version of the Hummer is much more comfortable and plush compared to the military version. Here we have a video that shows a drag race between Hummer H1 and a comparatively less powerful and smaller Suzuki Jimny SUV.

The video has been uploaded by carwow on their youtube channel. The video simply starts by introducing the contenders. The anchor was driving the Hummer H1 and his team partner was driving Suzuki Jimny. Hummer H1 is a huge vehicle and is powered by a 6.5 litre V6 diesel engine that generates 197 bhp and 583 Nm of peak torque. The Jimny on the other hand is powered by a smaller 1.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that generates 101 Bhp and 130 Nm of torque.

On paper, it looked like Hummer will be winning this race but there is one more factor that needs to considered in the case of these vehicles. Both SUVs have 4WD system and are proper SUVs but, they have a huge difference in terms of weight. The Hummer weighs around 3.6 tons and the Suzuki Jimny only weighs 1.1 tons. The anchor starts the race and initially it felt like Hummer and Jimny both were struggling to take the pole position but slowly Jimny started pulling away and the Hummer was just left behind.

Hummer H1 vs Suzuki Jimny in a drag race [Video]

Suzuki Jimny crosses the line in 18.4 seconds and the Hummer took 27 seconds to cover the same distance. The anchor conducts a second round but this time, both cars had a rolling start. Even then, Suzuki Jimny pulled away with ease. One of the most important thing working in favour of Suzuki Jimny is its lightness. The Hummer H1 even after having more power and torque could not match with smaller Suzuki Jimny because of its heavy weight. Maruti has plans of building the latest generation Jimny in India. However, the off roader is meant for export markets. A long wheelbase version could be developed for the Indian market.