Hybrid cars outsell electric cars in India: 5 key reasons

The strong hybrid cars of India are proving themselves to be worthy competitors to electric cars. In the last few months, they have emerged as the new favorites among Indian car buyers, outselling electric vehicles for three consecutive months in the ongoing financial year. This is a huge win for the future of strong hybrid cars, as until now, the push has been given only to electric cars in India as well as across the globe. Now, if you are one of those people who are wondering how this feat took place, then you have come to the right place. Read ahead!

Hybrid cars outsell electric cars in India: 5 key reasons

Sales figures tell the story

The combined sales data for the months of August, September, and October have revealed that strong hybrid vehicles recorded a total sales of 24,062 units. This was enough to surpass the 21,445 units of electric vehicles sold during the same period. Interestingly, currently, the availability of more electric cars is much more than that of strong hybrids. At the moment, there are 16 EVs on sale in comparison to 4 strong hybrids.

In the June quarter of this fiscal year, electric cars dominated with 25,200 units sold, compared to 14,400 strong hybrid vehicles. However, the scenario changed in the September quarter when strong hybrids began to catch up, with 23,900 EVs sold and 22,000 strong hybrids. Ever since then, the strong hybrid cars of India have consistently outsold electric cars. As mentioned above, this is a huge shift in the Indian car market as it signifies the growing demand for strong hybrid cars.

Reasons behind the rise of strong hybrid cars

Hybrid cars outsell electric cars in India: 5 key reasons
Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder

A lot of automotive enthusiasts or car buyers reading this might be wondering why this shift is taking place. Well, there are five main reasons for it, and the following are the explanations for each of those points.

Cost advantage

Despite the government of India’s 5% GST rate on electric vehicles and an extensive 43% rate on hybrids, the strong hybrids are still cheaper to buy. Strong hybrid cars are a lot more affordable than electric vehicles, and this is a major reason behind the success of strong hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota HyCross. India is a price-sensitive country, and buyers seek to buy the car with the best available features, mileage, in the most affordable budget.

Flexibility and convenience

The second reason behind the rise of sales of hybrid vehicles is that they provide a more flexible and convenient driving experience. There are no concerns such as range anxiety and the challenges associated with locating and accessing charging points. This one, in particular, is more beneficial for individuals residing in apartments where charging infrastructure may be limited.

Hybrid cars outsell electric cars in India: 5 key reasons

Diverse options

Presently in India, there are very fewer diverse options in the electric cars segment. The strong hybrids, on the other hand, include sedans and affordable MPVs and compact SUVs. The Toyota Innova Hycross is currently the best-selling strong hybrid vehicle in India, and the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara along with the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is another popular SUV.

Proven technology and reliability

Hybrid cars outsell electric cars in India: 5 key reasons

With decades of existence, hybrid technology has undergone rigorous testing and has now established a reputation for reliability. This is especially important in a market like India where consumers are drawn to the tried-and-tested products. The high reliability of strong hybrids is one of the biggest reasons behind the higher sales volumes.

Lower maintenance costs and resale value

Last but not least, Indian buyers love to buy cars that have lower maintenance, and strong hybrids provide just that. Unlike electric vehicles that may incur substantial battery replacement costs, strong hybrids boast a lower overall powertrain cost. This factor also contributes massively to a better resale value, which is another one of the aspects that are extremely crucial for Indian car buyers.

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