Truck Drags Bike For 1 Km Even As Biker Hangs On To Truck: Driver Arrested [Video]

Lorry drags bike

People driving heavy vehicles must remain extremely careful, as even a small mistake could cause a serious accident. We have seen several such instances in the past. The latest one comes from Hyderabad, where a lorry driver, trying to flee the spot after hitting a car, crashed into a bike and dragged it for almost 1 km. The video of the incident has already gone viral on the internet.

Local clings to a lorry as the driver over speeds after hitting car and dragging a bike
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The video, shared by a user on Reddit, shows a lorry being driven at high speed on a busy road. Sparks can be seen coming from the road as the lorry moves forward. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the lorry is actually dragging a bike under its front wheel.

Additionally, a person can be seen hanging outside the driver’s cabin of the lorry. The video has been circulating on the internet, but it doesn’t provide much information about the incident. According to reports now surfacing online, this incident occurred in Hyderabad. The lorry driver in the video has been identified as Pridhviraj from the Suryapet region.

He was driving the lorry to Vanasthalipuram from Chandrayangutta after unloading a shipment of cement. On the return trip, the truck accidentally rubbed against a car on the road. This provoked five men, presumably the owner and occupants of the car, and they began to argue with the lorry driver. The driver became scared upon seeing the five men approaching him.

Truck Drags Bike For 1 Km Even As Biker Hangs On To Truck: Driver Arrested [Video]
Lorry drags bike

In an attempt to escape, he started driving the truck. One of the five men managed to get onto the lorry and was hanging outside the driver’s cabin, asking the driver to slow down or stop the vehicle. The driver panicked and hit a biker on the road. Fortunately, the biker was thrown to the left-hand side of the road and escaped without any major injuries.

However, the bike got trapped under the front wheel of the lorry, which dragged it for almost 1 km. The driver did not stop even after hitting the bike. The person hanging outside the cabin jumped off the lorry when he realized that the driver had no intention of slowing down. The lorry driver then drove to the Vanasthalipuram traffic police station, informed the officers about the accident, and surrendered.

The only reason we believe this accident happened was because the driver was afraid of the men. We have seen people getting into arguments that quickly escalate into physical assault. This was a clear case of road rage, and the driver was simply trying to escape. What is commendable in this case is that the driver drove the lorry to the nearest police station and surrendered instead of escaping.

Incidents like this happen almost every day on our roads. If you are a person who drives heavy vehicles, you know that they have huge blind spots, and driving them through congested city roads is a challenge. This is not the first time we have come across a report like this. Last year, we saw a video where a truck driver dragged a car for 3 km.

Similarly, a truck driver also drove away with a toll booth employee at the front for 15 km. If you are driving behind a lorry or truck, ensure to maintain distance and if you are planning to overtake, flash your headlights and honk to ensure that the driver has spotted your vehicle.