Hyderabad Police destroy over 1000 aftermarket silencers installed on Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles

Aftermarket exhausts that are loud are actually illegal on cars and two wheelers. In a recent incident from Hyderabad, police seized around 1,000 vehicles in the city that had aftermarket exhausts and silencers installed in them. Surprisingly, most of the motorcycles that were seized as part of the drive were Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic series motorcycles. Even the senior police officers were present at the spot. The motorcycles that had aftermarket silencers were identified and the silencer was later crushed using a road roller.

The video has been uploaded by India Exclusive on their YouTube channel. The video shows senior police officials and traffic police taking a closer look at the motorcycles parked outside the police station. One of the officer was starting the motorcycles and checking how loud the aftermarket silencers are. There were Royal Enfield, Yamaha R15, Jawa and motorcycles from other brands too.

Most of the motorcycles in the video had decent sounding silencer. Royal Enfield motorcycles in the video had aftermarket free flow exhausts that had a loud popping sound. In case of some motorcycles, the silencers were so loud that even the police officer had to close his ears. Once the vehicles with aftermarket silencers were identified, they were then put on the road and a road roller was driven over them.

The senior police officer who is seen talking to the media later in the video can be heard saying that it was a symbolic act from city police and it was meant to spread a message to violators in the city. The officer said if anyone is found using an aftermarket exhaust on the motorcycle, then he or she’ll be liable to pay fine and if the rider continues with the violation, then proceeding will be done cancel the license of such riders.

Hyderabad Police destroy over 1000 aftermarket silencers installed on Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles

The officer even said that if the police receives a complaint against such modification garages and workshops, then legal action will be taken against them as well. He also blames movies and said youth is getting inspired from movies these days and modify their vehicles. The Motor Vehicle act permits a maximum sound range of 80 to 91 decibel. The two-wheelers can permit a max sound of 80 decibels whereas the passenger and commercial vehicles with a gross weight above 12,000 kgs can produce 91 decibels.

He said loud silencers on motorcycles are creating disturbance for people living in the city especially during night time. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Earlier this year, Udipi police destroyed 51 silencers by crushing them with a road roller. Thane Police also started a drive against tinted windows in cars and aftermarket silencers on motorcycles. This is probably the first time that oeer a 1,000 aftermarket silencers from motorcycles were crushed or destroyed by police at once. Bangalore police even had a special tool that would crush the aftermarket silencers. In older generation Bullet and other motorcycles, silencers were loud but, over a period of time as part of improving emission and sound norms the motorcycles started producing less sound.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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