Indian cop runs ahead of ambulance for for 2km to make way in traffic jam [Video]

In India, most motorists do not pay any heed to the emergency vehicles. While vehicles like ambulances get stuck in heavy traffic, most motorists do not give way. A traffic police in-charge in Hyderabad spotted an ambulance stuck in traffic and ran 2km in front of it to ensure that gets a quick passage. Here is the video.

Traffic Police constable G Babji noticed that an ambulance is stuck in the traffic and is unable to move ahead. The incident happened during the peak hour traffic between 6 pm and 7 pm at the GPO junction. After the police saw the ambulance, he tried making way for it. Since the traffic situation was getting worse, the cop decided to run in front of the ambulance and clear the way.

The 2-minute video shows the G Babji doing a great deed by running in front of it and clearing the traffic. The video is made by someone who was inside the ambulance and it shows the determination of the cop. He keeps on waving to the ambulance driver and shows him the direction to get out the traffic and move ahead.

After the video became viral on the Internet, Babji said,

“It was around 7 pm when the ambulance reached GPO junction. Noticing that it got stuck in traffic, I realised that I had to do something. As time was precious, I ran towards Andhra Bank and pleaded with the motorists to make some space for the ambulance,”

He also gained a lot of attention from the Internet and a lot of netizens praised him for the efforts. He also said that fellow motorists came out of the vehicles and appreciated his efforts. It is not known if the police department did anything to appreciate his work and efforts yet.

It should be noted that according to the MV Act, the cops can issue a fine of up to Rs 10,000 to the vehicles blocking the way of any emergency vehicle like an ambulance or a fire tender. In Delhi, the ambulances have installed dashboard cameras that identify the vehicles blocking the way and then challans are issued. However, most motorists get away with such kind of illegal activities as almost all of them block the emergency vehicles.

In developed countries, motorists do not enter the emergency lanes at all. Police can issue challan even for entering emergency lanes, no matter how heavy the traffic becomes. In countries like Germany, the vehicles ensure that they remain on the bank of the roads to allow the movement of emergency vehicles easily. Motorists in countries like India will take years to reach this kind of maturity level. Till then, we can ensure safe movement of emergency vehicles by making way just like this cop did.