Hyderabad police releases video explaining why you should not drink & drive/ride

Hyderabad police have found a unique way to use social media to spread awareness. Earlier they shared a CCTV video in which they showcased why one should not tailgate other vehicles. Now, they have shared another awareness video that shows why one should not drink and drive. The video is uploaded on Cyberabad Traffic Police YouTube channel.

The video shows us a man who is clearly under the influence of alcohol. That was his first mistake, the second mistake was not wearing the helmet and hanging the helmet in the rearview mirror. When a motorcycle overtook him, he lost his balance and fell on the side of the road.

A person did stop to help him out. Then the drunk man again starts moving, this time also he does not wear the helmet and it stays on the rearview mirror. He is still riding a bit wavery on the road, constantly changing the lanes. Due to this, the traffic behind him is facing issues because they are scared to overtake him and he can change lanes anytime.

Hyderabad police releases video explaining why you should not drink & drive/ride

Finally, a white Vitara Brezza decides to overtake him but the drunk rider starts pulling his motorcycle towards him. So, the Brezza driver takes his car to the opposite lane and stops. The drunk rider’s reaction times have become slow because of alcohol and he barely manages to not hit a white vehicle that was coming from the opposite lane. However, his luck ran out and he finally hit another vehicle that was coming in front of him. In the last, the video says “Don’t drink and drive” because this video was issued in the public interest.

Don’t drink and drive

Drinking slows down our reflexes and reaction times and driving is an activity that requires you to pay attention constantly. If the vehicle in front of you suddenly applies brakes or if someone crosses the road suddenly then you would not be able to apply the brakes timely and there is a high chance that you end up in an accident.

Hyderabad police releases video explaining why you should not drink & drive/ride

Alcohol also makes concentrating difficult. While driving there are a lot of things that you need to concentrate on. For instance, traffic lights, zebra crossing, speed limits, lanes, other vehicles etc. Because of the influence of alcohol, you are not able to concentrate on all the things and you will end up missing one. Also, vision is also decreased because of alcohol. The vision becomes blurry and you cannot control the movement of your eye. Your peripheral vision also decreases because of which you miss out on a lot of important information that you need. You can miss a cyclist or a vehicle that is in your blindspot.

License cancellation

In Telangana, police have started to cancel the license of drunk driver’s. Current the cops are sending the person to jail who is caught for drinking and driving. However, the cases were not coming down. So, the cops would be able to cancel the license immediately if the person is caught drinking and driving.