Students recreate Bollywood scene in Hyundai Accent: Get ARRESTED by Mumbai police [Video]

The power of social media is ever-growing and even the government authorities are relying on the digital platforms to keep a vigilant eye on the law-breakers. After a Mumbai resident tweeted a video of youths performing stunts on the public roads, Mumbai Police have tweeted that they have arrested three youths who were involved in the incident.

The video shows put up Mumbai Police on their official Twitter handle, the youths were trying to re-create a movie scene on the public roads. There are many Bollywood movies with such a scene where the actors are sitting on the open windows with half of their body outside. While the actors do it under controlled situations, copying such stunts on the public roads can be dangerous and is also illegal.

The video shows two youths sitting on opposite sides of the vehicle’s windows. The youth also have a bottle in hand but we are not sure about the contents of that bottle. The video has been taken from a car that was following the culprit’s vehicle, which became viral.

The three people were identified as Mohammad Sultan Shaikh, 20 years old, Smir Sahibole, 20 years old and Anas Shaikh, 19 years old. They all are second-year students of Commerce. Khar Police arrested the youths after the video became viral on the Internet. According to the cops, the youths were driving on Friday night from Govandi to Bandra and were having a night out. At the Carter Road area in Bandra, two youths came out of the vehicle and sat on the open windows of the Hyundai Accent sedan.

The video captured the registration details of the vehicle and the trio was arrested from Govandi after they were identified by the cops. They were booked under Sections 279 and 336 of the Indian Penal Code and Sections 184 of the Motor Vehicle Act. They are currently out on bail.

This is not the first time that the Mumbai Police have acted on such pictures uploaded on the Internet. Even celebrities like Varun Dhawan have been booked in the past for not following the traffic rules. It should be noted that the Mumbai police also uses CCTV cameras installed at various places in the city to monitor the traffic movements and identify the law-breakers. The cops then either send such people an e-Challan or send the information to the police forces on the field, who then stop such vehicles and take action.

Students recreate Bollywood scene in Hyundai Accent: Get ARRESTED by Mumbai police [Video]

Performing such stunts on the road may seem cool but it is extremely dangerous to do such things at uncontrolled locations like the public roads. If by any chance, one of the youths falls down from the moving car, any other vehicle on the road can mow them down. Also, it creates nuisance on the roads. It is best to enjoy such scenes on the screen and not intimidate them unless there are expert help and controlled area, which is free of traffic.

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