Hyundai Accent sedan modified into a 1969 Ford Mustang: Hot or Not? [Video]

American muscle cars like Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger have a huge fan base around the world. Even India, there are group of enthusiasts who love Mustang and Ford only launched Mustang officially in Indian market in 2016. It is doing pretty well as it is more affordable when compared with other sports cars. Even before Ford had officially launched Mustang in India, we had several vintage examples which were imported. We have also seen many HM Contessa sedans getting modified to look like a Mustang. Here we have a video where a Hyundai Accent sedan has been modified into a 1969 Ford Mustang.

The video has been uploaded by Dream Customs India on their YouTube channel. The video des not show how the car was modified but, it shows the final product. Normally, when we hear about Mustang modifications, HM Contessa is the first car that comes to our mind but Dream Customs India actually took a different approach and chose Hyundai Accent which is now discontinued from the market.

The finished product does not look like a Hyundai Accent from any angle, The body work on this car was all redone. It looks like bonnet on this car was extended to the front to give it that Mustang like look. The front has been completely redesigned and the stock headlamps have been replaced for two round lamps. the front grille has also been modified to look like a Ford Mustang.

The bumper gets a chrome finish which adds to the retro look of the car. It also looks slightly wider than the stock Hyundai Accent. Coming to the side profile, the 4-door sedan has been converted into a 2-door car. That along with the redesigned roof line gives it a proper muscle car vibe. Dream Customs India did add some retro touches like a chrome plated ORVM to make it look like a Ford Mustang.

Hyundai Accent sedan modified into a 1969 Ford Mustang: Hot or Not? [Video]

We guess that the body work is a combination of metal sheets and fiber materials. The wheels on this Ford Mustang are not that wide but, they do come with aftermarket alloy wheels. The rear profile of the car has also been completely redesigned. The sloping roof on this Mustang replica meets the boot and there we can see the tail lights that look similar to what is seen in Ford Mustang of that time. Just like at the front, the rear bumper also gets a chrome finish which goes well with the retro look of the car.

The interiors on this car have not been completely transformed. It retains all the features that Hyundai Accent originally offered. The seats now gets black and white coloured leather upholstery and the door padding and other panels get soft touch material. the steering wheel also remains the same. The exhaust on this car is also loud. This is not the first time, they have come up with something like this. Recently they also build a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ using a Honda Civic. There are definitely some rough edges in this modifications and that can be overlooked because, Dream Customs has done a great job when it comes to converting this simple sedan into a iconic muscle car replica.