YouTuber modifies a Hyundai Accent sedan with massive tractor tyres [Video]

We have seen several modifications videos and images for cars and two-wheelers from India and abroad. While most of them are tastefully done, there are many weird looking modified vehicles as well. These modifications are not always the most practical ones. These are mostly for showcasing the possibilities. Here we have one such video, where a YouTuber decided to modify his old Hyundai Accent sedan with large tyres from a tractor. How did the whole modification process go? Let’s check the video.

The video has been uploaded by Crazy XYZ on their YouTube channel. As the name of the channel suggests, the YouTuber is known for doing such extreme experiments in his videos. The YouTuber starts by explaining what he has planned for the Hyundai Accent sedan. He along with his friends start working on the modification. It looked like a simple experiment on paper. All he had to do was to remove the wheels from the car and replace them with the massive wheels from a tractor. It was more labour intensive and time consuming process than they actually thought it would be.

They initially removed the wheels from two tractors. They initially used jack to raise the tractor and then put rock under the tractor to ensure that the it does not fall over when they remove the jack. It should be noted that these guys are not professional but are doing this for the sake of this experiment. Once they removed wheels from the tractor, they started working on removing the wheels from the car. Once they removed the wheels, they brought in a piece of metal rod welded together with metal plates on both ends. This fabricated piece of metal actually act as an extender to the axle of the car. The tractor wheels cannot be installed on the normally as it is larger in size.

YouTuber modifies a Hyundai Accent sedan with massive tractor tyres [Video]

Once they installed the axle extenders, they fastened the bolts finishing the project. The metal extenders that were used on the car were actually welded at a local workshop. The overall look of the Accent sedan changed after the wheels were installed. It got more of a monster car like looks. The only problem with this modification was that it was totally unnecessary. The Hyundai Accent came with a 1.5 litre petrol engine that generated under 94 bhp and 125 Nm of torque. After installing the wheels, a lot of pressure was being put on the cars engine, unlike a tractor, which comes with a diesel engine and generates large amount of torque at lower RPMs.

The vlogger stops the car after driving it for a very small distance. He can be heard saying in the video that he can feel that a lot of pressure is being put on the engine. He can even smell the clutch burning in the car. After he lets the engine cool down a bit, he attempts to drive the car again and within few feet, the metal extender on the right hand front wheel simply snaps. The vlogger then welds the piece again with more metal strips to add strength before trying to drive the car again.

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