Hyundai after sales service is the best: Beats Toyota & Maruti

According to a recent survey, Hyundai Motor India has the best after sales service in the country. The company topped the after-sales customer satisfaction survey among mass market brands. This survey was done by poplar global market research firm JD Power. This is an added star to Hyundai’s shoulder, the country’s second-largest car seller, as the company is eyeing to increase its market share. The newly unveiled Santro is one of the step towards it, and the company has planned a host of new updates and cars for the coming time.

Hyundai after sales service is the best: Beats Toyota & Maruti

Talking about the results of the survey, Hyundai scored a total of  912 points in after-sales customer satisfaction survey according to the JD Power 2018 India Customer Service Index (Mass Market) Study. To let you know, the company had topped the rankings in the mass market category for India last year as well. Apart from Hyundai, the second position was taken by Tata Motors with 874 points followed by Mahindra & Mahindra with a score of 865. Ford and Toyota took the fourth and fifth position respectively with a score of 829 points and 827 points respectively. However, the country leading car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki got eight position with a score of 804.

In its 22nd year now, the survey is conducted on the basis of new-vehicle owner satisfaction with the after-sales service process by examining dealership performance. The study measures overall satisfaction in five factors, which are
  • Service Quality
  • Vehicle Pick-up
  • Service Advisor
  • Service Facility
  • Service Initiation


The study took into subject 9,045 new vehicle owners who purchased vehicle between March 2015 and August 2017 and the reports are evaluated on the same. The study was done from March 2018 till August 2018. One of the key finds of the study is that customers who are 30 years of age and younger usually expect more higher quality service experience when their vehicle is being serviced. Also, the study pointed out towards a growing number of vehicle owners under the age of 30.

Speaking about the survey and its results, JD Power Regional Director Kaustav Roy said. “India’s population is expected to be among the youngest in the world by 2020. This shift in demographics will likely further attract more customers in this age group to dealerships, so it is imperative to understand the needs of this set of customers in terms of convenience, speed and transparency,”