Hyundai Alcazar gets stuck on Vasai beach near Mumbai: Attempts to recover SUV unsuccessful

We have written several times about the risks that are involved while driving on a beach or a seashore. Even then we keep on coming across incidents where people neglect all this and end up with a vehicle that is stuck in sand. In most of the cases that we have seen in the past. The vehicles that are usually stuck on the beach are rescued by locals or fire brigade. Most of the time, the people and the vehicle come out of the situation without any moajor issues but, not every person is lucky. Here we have an incident from Maharashtra, where a Hyundai Alcazar SUV has been stuck on a beach for over 24 hours and attempts of recovering the vehicle are still going on.

The video has been shared by Raftaar 7811 on their YouTube channel. Vlogger mentions that the incident happened on Vasai’s Bhuigaon beach. According to various media reports, the incident happened on Wednesday this week. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Locals have said to medias that every year one such incident is reported from Bhuigaon beach but the authorities are not taking any action to stop people from bringing vehicles on to the beach.

In this case, the Hyundai Alcazar had 7 people in it. The driver drove the car to the beach during the low tide. As they were driving on the beach, one  of the wheels got stuck in sand and that is where things got out of hand. Locals and fire brigade came to help bring the SUV out. Even though it was low tide, the officials and locals were unable to retrieve the car. The car got stuck in the sand at around 8:30 Pm and the attempts to pull the car out have all been unsuccessful. The car was left on the beach overnight and as the tide rose, the car got partially submerged in salt water.

Hyundai Alcazar gets stuck on Vasai beach near Mumbai: Attempts to recover SUV unsuccessful

People who had gathered around even tried to pull the SUV out using a tractor but it was all in vain. As seen in the video, the front-end of the SUV is almost completely submerged in water. The salt water from the sea would have definitely got into the cabin. This video is a perfect example why one should never drive a car on a beach.

Driving on sand is extremely tricky. The Alcazar seen here in the video is a front wheel drive SUV and is not meant to be driven on such surfaces. We have seen videos where even 4×4 SUVs get stuck. Salt water is extremely bad for vehicles. it can easily damage some parts in the car. It would also corrode some of the metal parts in the car. In this case, the Alcazar has been in the water for over 24 hours and there is a possibility that water might have damaged some parts beyond repair. In this case, the owner of the SUV cannot even claim the insurance as it was clearly his fault. He intentionally drove the SUV on the beach. There are only limited number of beaches in India that allow people to drive on it. If you drive on any beach other than these, it is illegal and we have seen authorities take action against such vehicle owners in the past.